How To Improve Bass

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How To Improve Bass
How To Improve Bass

Video: How To Improve Bass

Video: How To Improve Bass
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If you are a lover of noisy discos or just a lover of good bass acoustics and want to improve the sound quality of your home music, you should look at ways to improve the bass. There are a lot of them and each is good in its own way.

How to improve bass
How to improve bass


Step 1

Decide on the type of bass you want. If you want nightclub-like bass, simply place speakers in each corner of the room in a crisscross pattern. In this case, much will depend on the quality of the speakers themselves.

Step 2

Find the stereo system you need. Everything from the tree in which the speaker is placed to the conductor cables affect how your speakers sound and the quality they can deliver bass.

Step 3

Match speakers to your room. If the stereo system is installed in a large room, then it is better to give preference to large, but less "clean" speakers than to small, but with live sound, since all the charm of such devices will be lost in a large room.

Step 4

Place your speakers correctly. If your room is not perfectly square or rectangular and the criss-cross system does not work for you, use trial and error to determine where the sound works best.

Step 5

Purchase a separate powerful subwoofer. Perhaps this is the main part of your bass. It is he who creates the feeling that the music is alive and really moves in space. The myth that there is no difference between one and two subwoofers is certainly not true. Get two subs, place them on opposite sides of the room and feel the room grow small for music.

Step 6

Purchase dedicated stands for optimal placement. If you are faced with the problem that you simply have nowhere to put a speaker or sub, purchase special stands that you can also adjust in height, which again will have a positive effect on the sound. They are comparatively inexpensive and clearly won't get in your way.

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