How To Make A Sound Column

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How To Make A Sound Column
How To Make A Sound Column

Video: How To Make A Sound Column

Video: How To Make A Sound Column

Nowadays, the choice of speakers is simply huge. Going to a specialty store, you will find everything your heart desires. However, it is always more pleasant to do things with your own hands, because then they become dearer to you and you will be more willing to use them.

How to make a sound column
How to make a sound column

It is necessary

  • - nails;
  • - copper wire;
  • - a hammer;
  • - stationery buttons;
  • - base for the column;
  • - cotton wool.


Step 1

Choose a foundation for future speakers and speakers. Use pencil stands as the base of the speakers, take two speakers.

Step 2

Make the speaker yourself. Determine which speaker height you need, then take a nail and cut it so that it is slightly less than the height of the speaker. File the side you cut off to keep it smooth. Then wind a copper wire in enamel insulation over the part of the nail with the head.

Step 3

Take two buttons and smash them with a hammer until it is as thick as foil. This will be the foundation. Glue the nail to the base, that is, to a paper clip. Take a magnetic tube, the height of which should be slightly more than the height of the nail with the coil and the width for the nail to pass through. Place a nail with a coil in the center of the magnet and glue to the base. Place a paper clip on top of the magnet. The speaker is ready.

Step 4

Using a compass on paper, draw a circle so that the speaker of the circle is slightly smaller than the speaker on the outside. Once you have drawn the speaker circle, cut it out with scissors and attach it to the face of the stand where you will attach the speaker. Draw a pencil around the base of the circle. On the stand, you have a circle where you place the speaker.

Step 5

Cut out the space for the speaker along the circled outline in the speaker. You now have a speaker base with an opening for the speakers. Pass the speaker wire through the opening, fill the rest of the space with ordinary cotton wool.

Step 6

Assemble the entire column. To assemble the column into one piece, use glue - moment. Insert the speaker into the base, apply glue to the edge on the inside of the speaker. After applying the glue, so that the speaker does not fall out and hold tight, leave it for a couple of hours.

Step 7

Connect the speaker to the source. Make sure the glue is dry before connecting. Connect the wire that you led through the base of the speaker to the source. If you are even a little knowledgeable in electrical engineering, this will not be difficult. The speakers are ready.

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