What Is Camera Shutter Speed

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What Is Camera Shutter Speed
What Is Camera Shutter Speed

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The art of photography is constantly evolving and attracting new figures under its cover. If you also want to learn how to take beautiful pictures, you definitely need to know what a camera shutter speed is.

What is camera shutter speed
What is camera shutter speed

What role does endurance play?

Before the photo is sent to the memory card, something has to happen in the lens and in the camera as a whole. You may have noticed that photos come out with different brightness and with different amounts of light and shadow. These visual effects are directly related to how much light the lens shutter lets through to the sensor.

When opening, the shutter relies on two set parameters: aperture and, in fact, shutter speed. The latter is responsible for the amount of time that elapses before the lens shutter closes. It is measured in seconds. Since shutter speed alone does not determine the result of the image, it is difficult to explain the significance of this mechanism without aperture. The diaphragm is the partition itself, which, depending on the settings, changes its diameter, thus controlling the amount of light on the matrix.

How to use shutter speed

The shutter speed is adjusted depending on the idea and the conditions under which the photo is taken. If it is too dark indoors or outdoors, then you should set a very slow shutter speed. During the time that will be set in the camera settings, a sufficient amount of light will enter the lens. This amount will make the image rich, bright and deep.

The main problem with long exposure is that you cannot move the camera while it is shooting. Even the slightest glitch will result in a blurry shot. Therefore, in order to use a slow shutter speed in your work, you need to purchase a tripod, on which the camera will be fixed.

If the depth of the picture is not so important, and the main thing is to have time to catch the frame, then you need to use a fast shutter speed. The word “short” means 1/40 of a second or less. If you need to take a picture in a dark room, then you will also have to adjust the aperture.

Shutter Priority

Any automatic mode on the camera will not give you the ability to adjust the shutter speed however you like. Therefore, on professional DSLRs there is a "shutter priority" mode, which is denoted by the letters S or Tv. This means that you can manually adjust only the parameter you want, and the aperture will adjust automatically.

Also on most DSLR cameras there is an M, or "manual" mode. By selecting it, you can also control the shutter speed. But besides her, you will have to independently monitor the diaphragm. Since the parameters have to be adjusted at the slightest change in light, photographers rarely use this mode.

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