How To Make Your Own Projector Screen

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How To Make Your Own Projector Screen
How To Make Your Own Projector Screen

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It would seem that nowadays widescreen and liquid crystal screens have completely ousted their predecessor from everyday life - an ordinary screen for a projector. But it was not there! Then the little son will ask to show him the filmstrips, miraculously preserved on the mezzanine. Then retired parents will want to shake off the old days and revise the black-and-white chronicles of their student years. One way or another, the conclusion suggests itself that a screen for a projector is a very necessary thing in the household, which is difficult to do without.

There is a projector - only the screen is missing …
There is a projector - only the screen is missing …


Step 1

Try to fill this gap at a low cost. The key word here is space. The screen is white. Therefore, to begin with, carefully look around to see if there are unused white surfaces in your apartment that are at a convenient height. For example, a white door, wardrobe or refrigerator. Or free space on a white or light wall.

Step 2

It would be curious to try to use the ceiling for projection. But for the convenience of using this projection surface, you will have to throw pillows on the floor, change your position from vertical to horizontal, and hold the projector directly in your hands.

Step 3

Another way to make a projector screen yourself is to look at things that habitually surround you from an unfamiliar point of view. It is important for you to see exactly which of them are fraught with hidden opportunities to turn into a screen. It is very convenient to use as a screen for a projector an ordinary large wall calendar, turned to the audience with the white side. An unused white shelf that can be removed from the closet and placed as a screen on a stool, leaning against the wall, will also work. Its smooth surface will allow you to see the image as clearly as possible on such an impromptu screen. A slightly poorer quality will be a projection onto a white curtain or roman blind. Blinds are not worth talking about unless you want to see everything striped.

Step 4

It is possible that none of the above methods of making a screen for a projector with minimal costs will work for you, because you need a special screen for presentations. It can be either a stationary screen or a mobile one, which you can always take with you wherever you want. In that case, you may well buy it.

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