How To Paint A Bottle

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How To Paint A Bottle
How To Paint A Bottle

Video: How To Paint A Bottle

Video: How To Paint A Bottle
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Bottle decorating is a very interesting hobby. Thanks to this skill, you can always please your friends with exclusive gifts for the holidays. It can be a vase, a painted jug, or even a personalized bottle of alcohol.

How to paint a bottle
How to paint a bottle

It is necessary

  • - A bottle (or other utensil);
  • - Alcohol, solvent;
  • - Specialized paints for painting on glass (stained glass or acrylic);
  • - Brushes;
  • - Decor for decoration (optional).


Step 1

In order to keep the paints on a painted bottle for a long time, you need to thoroughly clean and degrease the surface of the bottle. To do this, you need to clean the bottle from the remnants of labels or food products and wipe with a degreasing solution (alcohol or solvent).

Step 2

After the surface of the bottle has been cleaned and degreased, you can start painting the bottle. One of the color options is the application of a pattern in thin stripes directly onto the glass. The second option - first, the bottle is covered with a one-color background, and then a drawing is applied on top of the background with contrasting paints. But in this case, you need to wait until the background is completely dry and only then draw the second layer.

Step 3

Another option is painting with dots. This is a difficult type of coloring, it takes quite a long time, but the result is worth it. With small dots, as if embroidering, the pattern is applied to the glass. This requires viscous paints so that they do not spread. And the surface of the bottle turns out to be very textured, in pimples.

Step 4

Also, after dyeing, the bottle can be additionally decorated with beads, sequins, multi-colored threads, beads.

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