How To Sew A Fur Hat With Earflaps

How To Sew A Fur Hat With Earflaps
How To Sew A Fur Hat With Earflaps

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Now, fur-bearing animals are raised on many household plots. Naturally, their owners would like to sew warm hats for their family members from the skins they have. But many do not know how to properly cut and sew them.

How to sew a fur hat with earflaps
How to sew a fur hat with earflaps

The easiest way is to sew a hat with earflaps, which almost never goes out of fashion. By the way, you can sew it not only from natural, but also from artificial fur, which is even easier to work with, since it is sewn like fabric.

But natural fur will require compliance with some rules. So, before starting work, the flesh (the inside of the skin) should be slightly moistened with water and immediately, evenly stretching it in all directions (carefully, do not tear it!), Often nailed with small nails to a flat board with the pile down. Do this in order to level the skin.

When it dries, apply the details of the pattern to the flesh and trace their contours with a colored pencil. Pay attention to the direction of the top: on the front visor, ears and on the front half of the hood, it should go from bottom to top, on the back half and on the sub-front visor - from top to bottom.

Cut out the edge details with a very sharp razor, while adding 0, 2-0, 3 cm to the seams. Never use scissors, they will ruin the pile. Sew the fur on the wrong side with frequent stitches over the edge: thin fur - with a needle No. 4-5, thread No. 30; medium and thick - with a needle No. 6-7, threads No. 20.

Start sewing with the cap. Connect the front sides of the part with a seam over the edge. Sew on the edge of the cap from a 3 cm wide strip of fabric, cut along the line thread.

To make the hat better retain its shape, insert a reinforcing pad made of batting or foam rubber inside, fastening them between two layers of starched gauze. The same seal can be inserted into the visor and lugs. Attach the spacer with sparse stitches, being careful not to puncture the inside of the skin.

Sew a visor with ears in the lower, wide part: front details - with a seam 2 cm high, sub-front ones - with a height of 1.5 cm. Do not forget to put a string for strings in the ends of the ears. Its length is 16-17 cm.

Turn out the stitched parts, straighten the seams so that the front parts go around the back ones and the seams are not visible from the outside. Sew the backing parts of the visor and ears to the face of the cap along the edge with a seam over the edge. Sew the lining with a blind seam.

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