How To Buy Coins

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How To Buy Coins
How To Buy Coins

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Numismatists buy coins to expand their collection. Another category of citizens, very few in number, tries to buy coins cheaply in order to sell them later at two or even three times more. Thus, these people earn good money by buying and reselling coins. There are several ways to help you save money when buying a rare coin.

How to buy coins
How to buy coins


Step 1

If people come to sell their coins, take a closer look at the person and his behavior. Indeed, by the way a person treats these coins, one can understand how much he can ask for them approximately. Check the person with a simple question like: "How much do you have here?" If the answer is accurate, it means that the seller has already assigned a “mental” price (usually overstated) for his coins, and a specific one. It is often useless for such people to try to buy coins cheaper than they are asked for. But if a person came to you without any bags or boxes, carrying coins in his pocket, then he, most likely, does not strive to get a certain amount from them. This is where you can offer your own price, understated (for example, 50-100 rubles apiece).

Step 2

The second way to help you buy good coins for next to nothing is to show the seller that his handful of coins are just a drop in the bucket. How to do it? If you have a lot of coins that are of even a small value, put them in a bag in advance to show them to the seller later. Perhaps he will even feel ashamed that he brought these unfortunate "pennies" and will give them back cheaply.

Step 3

If the coin sold is worth a decent amount of money, then you can first express your admiration with a phrase like “What a copy! I can give you as much as 1000 rubles for this coin, because it interested me. There would be no such coin in my collection”. And then pretend to call a friend or just call the person with whom you already have a preliminary agreement. Check how much this coin is worth. A friend will tell you that this coin allegedly dropped in price for a long time and now costs about 600 rubles, but not more. " This conversation should take place in front of the seller so that he hears your every word. You can turn on the "speakerphone". This technique works in most cases.

Step 4

The "exchange" also works well. It is advisable to use this method when the coins offered to you have a real price. Silver Soviet fifty dollars for exchange are just fine. For ordinary citizens, silver literally "darkens" the eyes. Therefore, they so easily part with the obviously expensive and rare coins.

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