How To Read Lines On Your Hands

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How To Read Lines On Your Hands
How To Read Lines On Your Hands

Video: How To Read Lines On Your Hands

Video: How To Read Lines On Your Hands

Palmistry is a long-standing art that allows you to read lines from the palms of a person and interpret their meanings. The combination and arrangement of these lines for each person is unique and laid down from birth, and by the shape and direction of these lines you can predict the future of a person, as well as interpret his character and various aspects of his life - up to the state of health and material well-being.

How to read lines on your hands
How to read lines on your hands


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The most common lines that all people have on the palms are the life line, mind line, heart line, fate line, happiness line, mercury line, Mars line, marriage line and intuition line. There are also a number of less common and minor lines.

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Learning to interpret the meanings of the lines on the palms will take time - you can start by using a palmistry book for beginners to learn. Study all the lines as a complex, as their meaning is interdependent. Looking at each of the lines, watch its shape, thickness, structure, violations of the line's integrity.

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The main lines of palmistry are the lines of life, heart and mind (head). The life line reflects your vitality - it does not speak of life expectancy, as many people think. Read the values of the life line along with the values of the thumb, thumb of Jupiter and the mound of Venus - the combination of these areas will give you the most vivid and reliable idea of the vitality and energy of a person.

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The heart line must be interpreted in the context of a person's sexual and emotional life - connect the finger of Mercury and the mound of Venus to the interpretation. Interpret the shape and direction of the head line in the context of the shape of the hand and the person's lifestyle.

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In addition to the main lines, there are also minor lines - these are the line of the Sun, the line of fate, and other lines, which may or may not be present on the palm of a person. The lines can also change - for example, quite often in the palm of an adult, the line of fate is seriously different from what it was in the palm of this person when he was a child.

Step 6

The sun line speaks of your desire for success and satisfaction in life, the belt of Venus speaks of how passionate a person is, and the rings of the lines on the wrist indicate health, wealth and travel.