How To Learn To Read Your Hand

How To Learn To Read Your Hand
How To Learn To Read Your Hand

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Palmistry is the ancient art of reading fate by hand. Many nationalities had their own specific methods of reading. They were mostly the same. The difference could only be in small lines. Although they were interpreted correctly. The fact is that some palmists saw one combination, while others - a completely different one. To learn how to read the hand, it is worth knowing for a start at least three main lines, which will now be discussed.

How to learn to read your hand
How to learn to read your hand


Step 1

A reservation is immediately admitted - they do not guess by hand. Fortune telling on coffee grounds and tarot cards. Fate is read along the lines on the hands. This is in no way related to fortune telling. Reading is performed on the walking hand. That is, if a person is right-handed, therefore, information about him should be read from the right hand. If left-handed, respectively, with the left. It is believed that information about a given life is written on the walking arm. Past lives are written on the second hand.

Step 2

There are three large lines on the palm, as mentioned above. They are called "heart line", "head line" and "life line". In addition to these three main lines, you can see many smaller lines, and a huge number of small ones. If you have just started acquaintance with palmistry, then you should not immediately spray into medium and small lines. First you need to master the basic ones.

Step 3

So, the line of the heart. It is located in the palm of the hand perpendicular to the fingers. And closer to them. On this line, they determine what kind of character a person has regarding love. Whether he is an egoist who demands to love himself, or an altruist who will give his love to everyone free of charge - everyone is on this line.

Step 4

Head line. It is located immediately below the heart line. Also perpendicular to the fingers. This line determines how the human brain works. This refers to his abilities and inclinations. If the line of the head goes to the right behind the index finger (for example, we take a right-handed person with an appropriate walking hand), then this person is inherent in the humanities. If the line goes to the left, behind the little finger, then this means that the inclination is more towards technical disciplines.

Step 5

Life line. There is an opinion among the people that the longer the life line, the longer you will live. I hasten to upset. This line does not affect life expectancy in any way. The opinion is wrong. On the line of life, you can find out what dangers can lie in wait - health, family or finances. You can see this by looking at the space between the thumb and the life line. The clearer the lines are shown there, the more serious the possible question may be.

Step 6

Palmists claim that the lines on the hand change every day, depending on our actions. And that it is possible to read only one of hundreds of paths of development. The one that is most likely given the course of events. However, everything can be changed.

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