How To Make A Bead Ball

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How To Make A Bead Ball
How To Make A Bead Ball

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The Egyptians were the first to learn how to make beads. From it they wove various jewelry, bracelets, covered dresses with beaded nets. Even in the manufacture of the pharaoh's necklace, beads were used. Much time has passed since then. Beads are widely used in jewelry, clothing, and designer items. Beads can be used to make wonderful decorations in the form of balls.

How to make a bead ball
How to make a bead ball

It is necessary

  • - tennis ball (ball from deodorant, children's pistol, etc.);
  • - nylon thread N 50;
  • - a needle for beads N 12.


Step 1

First weave the center piece, it is called the "belt". From beads with a diameter of 2.5 mm, type a chain - a square with a length equal to the circumference of your ball. But keep in mind that you should get a ring from the chain, which should be put on the ball, and the number of squares should be divisible by 2.

Step 2

After weaving the belt, secure it to the ball. To do this, tighten the thread so that the beads tightly fit the surface of the ball. Take the ball in your hands and continue to braid it, according to the diagram. Check the tightness of the beads to the ball all the time.

Step 3

Follow the same pattern for the next row. Then pass the thread through the extreme beads and perform all subsequent rows in the same order until 7 beads remain in the very last row. Pull these seven beads from the last row into a ring.

Step 4

Tie a column using the technique of lowering "ropes" 2 cm long. After completing the column proceed to lowering the "tassels", and finish the end of the column using the technique of "coral". You can perform such branches in a checkerboard pattern. Place them on the "cord" based on the diagram.

Step 5

Perform the second half in the same way, but do not forget to make a loop at the top (a bead ring).

That's all. Your balloon is ready.

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