How To Sew Panties

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How To Sew Panties
How To Sew Panties

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Despite the fact that stores nowadays offer a huge selection of various models of both women's and men's underwear, the skill of hand sewing is still relevant.

How to sew panties
How to sew panties


Step 1

Start by building a wedge pattern, front and back of family briefs. The pattern can be built on tracing paper or graph paper, having previously found it on the Internet for greater precision in cutting and sewing.

Step 2

Use light natural fabrics for sewing and cut out two front and two back parts from the selected fabric. Then cut out four wedges. Two of them should be straight, and two should be mirrored. Don't forget to add 1.5cm on each side of all pieces for hems and seams.

Step 3

Sew the front and back of the panties from the inside out along the middle seam. Take the pre-cut wedges and sew them with the right sides inward to the front of the panties. Unscrew the stitched gussets so that they are facing you. Wedges hide the seam.

Step 4

Then sew the same wedges to the back (back) of the panties. Sew the side seams, then sew and finish the elastic drawstring with an overlock, or if not, use a zigzag. Drawstring width should be 3 cm. Fold and hem the bottom edges of the legs of your family briefs.

Step 5

Insert a wide elastic band into the drawstring and sew it into the ring. To make it clear which side of the panties is the front and which is the back, sew some identification mark on the drawstring in front - a label or a lace.

Step 6

Family panties, sewn with your own hands, are ready - if you wish, you can decorate them, sew on a pocket or make buttons.

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