How To Check Money In Minecraft

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How To Check Money In Minecraft
How To Check Money In Minecraft

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In Minecraft, at first glance, the era of subsistence farming reigns. Here gamers independently create or get their own food and other resources necessary for the life of their characters, and put the surplus in chests for storage. However, in many game situations, banknotes appear, which must be correctly used and controlled in order to be successful in gameplay.

Money in Minecraft is better under control
Money in Minecraft is better under control

Ways to use money in Minecraft

Money usually appears in Minecraft when it comes to playing on servers and other multiplayer resources. Then gamers, if the admins install the appropriate plugins on this playground, have the opportunity to earn material rewards in various ways and, accordingly, spend it on useful resources.

So, players can be hired and receive a salary prescribed by the rules for completing certain tasks. For this, by the way, they do not need to study in any virtual university to acquire a specialty. It will be enough to take on yourself - with the help of the appropriate commands in the chat - the duties of a warrior, blacksmith, builder, designer, etc. (more than a dozen available professions) and simply complete game missions that correspond to the declared occupation.

Another possible source of income is setting up your own store (using a regular chest) to sell various valuable resources to the rest of the server users. Thus, a player who has in stock a lot of diamonds, emeralds, expensive armor, etc., will be able to get good money for them, which he will then spend in the same way on what he needs at a particular moment of the gameplay - but already at the outlet another gamer or administration.

In addition, often the creators of one or another server organize for its users a kind of casino, where it is possible, by spending the available funds, to get a randomly dropped prize. Of course, there is a risk of wasting money (if the slot machine does not give out anything in exchange for money), but it all depends on the player's luck.

Checking the balance in the game

In any case, he needs to control the virtual cash flows passing through his account. This is especially important on servers, where the conditions for survival and successful play are quite tough, first of all - at first, when the resources available to gamers are limited. In such a situation, the possibility of a reasonable spending of capital will be the key to further progress in the gameplay.

Usually, in order to view his monetary balance, the player uses certain commands, entering them into the chat (it is called by pressing T). For this purpose, it is served by the word / money. Entering it into the console, the gamer will see the specific amount in his account, and then he will already decide how to dispose of it.

If there are certain Permissions (usually issued by those who have administrator rights on a given multiplayer resource), the player will also be able to spy on the monetary balance of another user. To do this, he should enter the slightly above command / money, but at the same time specify the nickname of the one whose account state he wants to know through a space. However, this is only possible if the iConomy plugin is installed on the server.

If Money Mod was installed by admins, the commands for viewing the balance will be slightly different. So, with the help of / load, the player will see how much money he had in his account during the previous save (which is done by typing / save into the chat). He will be able to see the current situation in this regard after using the / balance command. Thus, it will not be difficult for him to control his own virtual expenses.

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