How To Make A Sled (sled) At Home

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How To Make A Sled (sled) At Home
How To Make A Sled (sled) At Home

Video: How To Make A Sled (sled) At Home

Video: How To Make A Sled (sled) At Home
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For the inhabitants of the North, especially hunters, a dog sled with sledges is a familiar and sometimes necessary means of transportation. Dog sledding is available not only in the North, for this you will need sledges (sledges) and dogs.

How to make a sled (sled) at home
How to make a sled (sled) at home

It is necessary

  • - wooden blocks;
  • - nails;
  • - harnesses for dogs.


Step 1

Dog breeders can arrange great entertainment for themselves and for the animals - sledding. Dogs must be able to pull loads and tolerate cold. Making a sled with your own hands is not so difficult. Huskies are best for this kind of fun, but dogs of other breeds can also be trained to run in a sled.

Step 2

It is better to choose the length for homemade sleds 2-4 meters, depending on how many dogs will be in the sled. One large, healthy dog can safely pull a sled 2 meters long, and with a longer length, it will not always cope. It is better to determine the sizes depending on the specific situation.

Step 3

For sled runners, you can take the following dimensions: length 2 m, width between runners 10 cm. Set a distance of 55 cm between runners. If you are good at tools, you can grind the runners yourself or order at a woodworking workshop - in the simplest version, this part is a bar, in which the front part is sharpened in an arcuate way so that it does not burrow into the snow.

Step 4

Insert 3-4 bars with a height of 50 cm into the runners on each side. They should be arranged at a distance of one and a half meters, and the rest of the runners should not be occupied - here the driver will stand during the ride. At a height of thirty centimeters from the runners, arrange a horizontal quadrangular frame from the bars, on which the cargo flooring will be made. The last bars should be longer, a crossbar must be attached to them - it should look like a back in the form of the letter "P". The driver standing on the back of the runners will hold on to this crossbar while riding, so it should be secured more securely.

Step 5

Attach an arc to the front ends of the sled so that its horns are pulled up to the first vertical bars. Reinforce the planks on the transverse beams to create a horizontal deck.

Step 6

Use a sturdy rope or long leather strap. It will act as a central towing belt - "pull", choose the length depending on how many animals you will harness. In the North, up to fourteen dogs are put in harness. Calculate the load on the sleds in such a way that one dog would have no more than fifty kilograms. Tie a string to a sled.