How To Draw A Barbie Doll

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How To Draw A Barbie Doll
How To Draw A Barbie Doll

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All girls love to play with dolls. Any modern mother, when she was still a child, had favorite dolls, among which Barbie was probably present. Years have passed unnoticed, and now your daughter is playing with the toys of your childhood. She can spend hours trying on toy outfits, creating hairstyles, but it is even more interesting to teach her how to draw a Barbie in a notebook or album.

How to draw a Barbie doll
How to draw a Barbie doll

It is necessary

  • - gouache;
  • - colour pencils;
  • - hard pencils for the contour;
  • - eraser;
  • - a piece of cotton wool.


Step 1

For several decades, a beautiful doll with big eyes and snow-white hair has been produced under the name Barbie. The original version of the toy is still being produced today, however, later, models with black hair began to be produced in parallel with it. But regardless of hair color, Barbie always looks slim and sophisticated. This is how it should be depicted on paper.

Step 2

In order to draw a Barbie doll, you will need a set of paints or colored pencils. They should be bright. A simple contouring pencil is required as an auxiliary tool.

Step 3

To portray a Barbie doll, start with the face. It should be oval. Having drawn the outline of the face, paint over it completely with beige. For this, both a pencil and gouache are suitable. If desired, you can depict blush on the face. To do this, use a light pink pencil or paint. If you are using a pencil to simulate the blush for a more natural look, you can retouch with a piece of cotton wool.

Step 4

The degree of similarity of the pattern to the original largely depends on the quality of the hair image. They should look thick and long. Look at the shape of the doll's hair, then draw many lines of the same shape with a pencil. The drawing will look even slightly better than the original if you depict the hair slightly wavy.

Step 5

Draw the eyebrows, nose, eyes and lips. Initially, you should depict the eyes. After that, it will be easier to draw the eyebrows and lips. Draw the upper and lower eyelids, and then add large eyelashes to the upper eyelid. On the lower eyelid, also depict eyelashes, but shorter so that Barbie's eyes appear large and bright. Then sketch out the pupil and iris of the eye. Its color determines the color of the eye itself, so you should choose it yourself according to your taste.

Step 6

The eyebrows are best drawn with straight lines. This will require a black pencil. These facial features should be located below the forehead, but slightly above eye level. The eyebrows express a calm and expressive look.

Step 7

The lips of a Barbie doll should not be too large, but not too small. The upper lip line is depicted as a wave, and the lower lip line is depicted as a straight line. It is best to paint over them in pink or crimson. Draw the nose in the form of a droplet.

Step 8

After drawing the face, move on to drawing the torso. Usually in the old days, dolls were dressed in fluffy dresses, and sometimes they still do this. But you can portray Barbie dressed in a modern straight dress.

Step 9

Draw the neck: to do this, draw two lines and paint over the open part. Cover the rest of the body with a dress. The sleeve of the dress at the end can be decorated with a flashlight, especially if the Barbie is wearing an airy dress. Next, you can draw the shoes. They should look graceful and match the dress. The hairstyle and a beautiful necklace around the neck will add additional elegance to the drawn doll.

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