How To Draw A Cartoon Character

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How To Draw A Cartoon Character
How To Draw A Cartoon Character

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Everyone can draw their own cartoon character, because his facial features and figure consist of the simplest shapes: triangles, squares, curved lines and circles.

How to draw a cartoon character
How to draw a cartoon character


Step 1

The main secret of a cartoon character is proportions, they look brighter, focusing on the desired part, for example, overly large eyes or mouth, the nose may be the smallest, but expressive eyebrows are indispensable.

Step 2

The main plus of the cartoons is that you can create any character, it is worth moving away from stereotypes and imagining. The head does not have to be round or oval, because there are many other interesting shapes: a triangle, square or rhombus. The main thing is to maintain style and balance, skillfully combining the hairstyle, facial features and clothes of the hero.

Step 3

You can experiment and change facial features along the way, so you will find the most matching combinations. It is better to draw a hairstyle schematically, with the same simple lines, if something confuses you, try drawing a different nose - it can change the hero beyond recognition.

Step 4

When drawing a cartoon girl, you need to remember about softness, all sharp coals must be rounded, expressive eyes with long eyelashes and lips with a bow must be added. When choosing a hairstyle, do not skimp on accessories, they will add additional charm to the heroine. The same applies to male characters, a beard, mustache or glasses will harmoniously complete the image and give the hero a story.

Step 5

You can practice and draw your character in dynamics, changing facial expressions using the characteristic position of the main features. It can be a house edge, a raised eyebrow in surprise or a crooked grin, the main thing is to give the image an emotional color. What the hero will wear is not so important, because the main means of expressing feelings in a cartoon character is the face.

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