How To Play Twister

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How To Play Twister
How To Play Twister

Video: How To Play Twister

Video: How To Play Twister
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The Twister game, invented in the USA in the middle of the twentieth century, is intended for a fun, active and mobile company. It is relevant at friendly parties, picnics or family vacations. At the same time, it evokes many vivid emotions, laughter and charges with a positive mood.

How to play twister
How to play twister

It is necessary

  • - the game "Twister", consisting of a playing field 150 * 180 cm and a special roulette, which is part of the game;
  • - 2-5 people;
  • - flat surface (floor, glade).


Step 1

Spread the playing field, which is a rectangular cloth or PVC carpet with four rows of red, blue, yellow and green circles depicted on it, on the floor.

Step 2

Please note that on the playing field there are four rows of circles of 6 pieces each. Each player will take four laps at a time. Accordingly, for the implementation of the game process, the number of participants cannot exceed 5 people.

Step 3

Choose one participant of the game as a judge who will rotate the roulette arrow and announce the drawn combination. The roulette field is divided into four sectors - right and left foot, right and left hand. Each sector has four color options (red, blue, yellow, green).

Step 4

Take off your shoes. Stand next to the playing field. The judge spins the tape measure and calls the color-limb combination (for example, left foot to yellow). The participant to whom he applies must follow the instructions of the judge. Repeat the action with the rotation of the roulette arrow. Thus, each of the players receives instructions from the referee. Each time, the next participant in the game must move his hand or foot to the circle, the color of which fell out when the roulette was rotated.

Step 5

If there are three participants in the Twister, two of them must place their feet on the yellow and blue circles on either side of the field. The third participant stands on the red circles in the middle of the playing field. Then the judge spins the roulette wheel and names the drawn combination to each of the participants in the game.

Step 6

If the number of participants in the game is two, tell each other any combination of color and limb. Or tell your opponent the color of the circle of the field, and he himself will choose which leg or hand to put on the indicated circle.

Step 7

The playing field can only be touched with the feet and palms of the hands. Leaning on elbows, knees or other parts of the body is prohibited. A participant in the game is considered a loser if he touched the playing field with his elbow, knee or fell, losing balance. The last player to stay on the field is considered the winner.

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