Photoshoot: Interesting Ideas For Shooting In The Studio

Photoshoot: Interesting Ideas For Shooting In The Studio
Photoshoot: Interesting Ideas For Shooting In The Studio

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A photo session in the studio provides excellent quality of shooting, successful close-ups and perfection of the composition - after all, the lighting is professionally built here and there are no obstacles. However, the absence of a background forces us to concentrate completely on the image, which should be gorgeous to the point of being ideal and as interesting as possible.

Photoshoot: interesting ideas for shooting in the studio
Photoshoot: interesting ideas for shooting in the studio

The easiest way to get a flashy solo shoot is with a suit. You can rent a suit: from friends - free of charge, or in a theater studio - for a fee. And if there is a desire to create your own image, the costume will have to be thought out and sewn with your own hands. It can be a fairytale hero, a character from a favorite science fiction film, the embodiment of a historical image - the main thing is to be recognizable. Maybe you will create a completely original image: in this case, it will be useful to draw it on paper in all details.

If your hero has accessories (a staff, a lantern, or something similar), there will be many more pose options.

If for some reason there is no suitable suit, you can limit yourself to interesting accessories. It is still better to think over the image, then the photos will turn out more interesting. You can embody the four seasons in a photo: your winter clothes and New Year's decorations will come in handy for winter, for spring - large and small vases with several types of flowers, for summer - dishes with fruits, for autumn - an umbrella and bright rubber boots. Makeup should match the color of the selected accessories.

Vintage lanterns and clocks will help to make a vintage photo shoot, musical instruments (violin, harp) will create a romantic atmosphere (airy dresses or shirts with flounces are useful here), felt boots and a cap with earflaps combined with bright sweaters will add humor and character. Use everything that comes to your hand and build on it, coming up with images.

Makeup must be brighter than everyday and even festive - it should not get lost in the photo.

White background and black and white clothes will be the basis of a contrasting photo shoot. Here you can do without accessories at all: a stylish black and white combination is always in fashion. Minimalism can become a basic and abstract photo shoot: add a few mysterious geometric shapes (balls-balls, large cardboard boxes) to black and white.

The more participants, the more interesting and diverse the photo session will be. Preparing carnival costumes for a large company is even more difficult than for one. But even here you can get by with handy materials. For example, one person in a white shirt and a tuxedo does not look very original, but if several boys and girls are dressed like that, you can portray super agents or the mafia. True, this will require a dummy weapon, but any toy store will help you with the choice of "arsenal".

Another version of the plot for a large company - dudes: bright and recognizable. All you need is colored shirts, polka-dot sun skirts (and this is, most likely, in the depths of every wardrobe), red lipstick and well-worn hairstyles - and the looks are ready.

For inspiration, you can flip through fashion magazines, look at the sites of famous photographers and photo models - these are inexhaustible sources of fresh and bold ideas. Think over the images and facial expressions at home in advance so that you do not waste time in the studio looking for a successful composition.

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