How To Make A Frog Mask

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How To Make A Frog Mask
How To Make A Frog Mask

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Not a single children's holiday is complete without a costume show. Little kids really like magic dressing up transformations. Indeed, just a boy Petya was just running, but now he is already a mischievous frog, who asks to let him into the teremok.

How to make a frog mask
How to make a frog mask


Step 1

Search old children's books or magazines for a funny frog face. Sketch the frog face onto a piece of thick paper to fit your child's face. Pay special attention to the eyes and mouth. The eyes should be in place of your child's eyes, and the mouth should be large and smiling. Color the future mask in green.

Step 2

Stick the mask onto a piece of thin cardboard. Cut it along the contour and cut out the eyes. Decorate them with paper eyelashes. Cut out a large, smiling mouth.

Step 3

On the sides of the face, glue a small piece of tape and make holes with an awl. Tie a string or elastic to the holes to fit your child's head. That's all. Now your child will be the most adorable frog on the party!

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