How To Sew A Buffet Skirt

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How To Sew A Buffet Skirt
How To Sew A Buffet Skirt

Video: How To Sew A Buffet Skirt

Video: How To Sew A Buffet Skirt
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A buffet skirt is a convenient solution that allows you to quickly and beautifully drape a festive table. It will help to visually unite several tables and support the decoration of the room with a suitable color.

How to sew a buffet skirt
How to sew a buffet skirt

It is necessary

  • The cloth,
  • scissors,
  • a piece of chalk,
  • ruler,
  • threads,
  • needle,
  • sewing machine,
  • tape "Velcro".


Step 1

Measure the height of the table to be decorated. This value will correspond to the height of the buffet skirt. If you reduce the height of the skirt by a few centimeters, its bottom edge will not touch the floor and will not be accidentally stepped on. If you do not know the exact height of the table, make a skirt 72-73 cm high. This size will be enough for an average table. Then measure the perimeter of the table. It will match the length of the skirt. If you are going to join several tables together, do not make the buffet skirt too long. It is more practical to prepare two skirts and combine them as needed. In addition, such jewelry is easier to transport and wash.

Step 2

Purchase material for a future buffet skirt. Any flowy fabric made from synthetic fibers is a suitable option. These fabrics are usually lightweight, durable and fade resistant. An example would be 100% polyester. It is not difficult to drape a skirt made of such fabric. Plus, if it gets dirty, you can easily wipe it off.

Step 3

The main decoration of the buffet skirt is folds. They can be unilateral and counter bilateral. To make a skirt with one-sided pleats, lay the fabric on a comfortable surface. Then fold it in half, right side inward. Draw a chalk line after 4 cm from the fold. Sweep the folds along this line. Unfold the fabric and fold the resulting folds to one side. Take an iron and iron them. To help hold the folds, sew on the sewing machine with two lines parallel to the top edge of the skirt. If you want to make a buffet skirt with opposite double-sided folds, prepare the fabric in the above way, but before ironing, straighten each fold and lay it on both sides from the middle of the fold. Then sew the top edge of the skirt in the same way to keep the folds from falling apart.

Step 4

The banquet skirt can be attached to the tablecloth with Velcro tape. Measure out a piece of tape that is the same length as your skirt. Having separated the layers of the tape, stitch one part to the upper edge of the skirt, and sew the other along the perimeter to the tablecloth.