How To Weave A Garland Of Balls

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How To Weave A Garland Of Balls
How To Weave A Garland Of Balls

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Balloons have a magical property - they bring joy to both adults and children, and when there are many of them, there is no end to the joy. A garland of balloons is appropriate for any holiday ^ and at a family celebration, and at a corporate party.

How to weave a garland of balls
How to weave a garland of balls

It is necessary

  • - green and purple balloons;
  • - thin rope or fishing line.


Step 1

Cut a round hole in a piece of cardboard just the same size as the balloons in the garland. This cardboard will serve as a stencil for you, it will be easier with it to make all the balls the same size. Take a line or a dense, thin rope, like a twine, its length should be 3-4 meters longer than required.

Step 2

Fix one end on some fixed support, with the other end you should do the same, but leaving 50 centimeters free. Pull the string very tightly, otherwise, if it sags, it will be inconvenient to weave, and the garland will turn out to be uneven.

Step 3

Inflate the purple balloon, it is better to do this with a pump, but you can just use your mouth, check the size of the balloon using a cardboard template, twist the tail and tie it in a knot. Don't inflate the balloon too much, you need a long tail to tie the balloons together and secure them to the line. Besides, soft balls "live" longer than tightly inflated ones. Inflate the second purple balloon in the same way, fold the tails of the balloons in a crisscross pattern, twist one around the other and tie them together, so you get the first purple deuce.

Step 4

Make a second two of the same, combine the centers of the tails of both ligaments crosswise, twist together so that the balls are held tightly. Spread two adjoining balls apart and slide the bundle onto the string as close as possible to the beginning of the string, where it attaches to the support. Having installed the ligament in the desired position, twist the balls between each other, between which the rope passed, this is done to firmly fix the ligament, so that it will not slip.

Step 5

Tie the same four of green balls, do not forget to check the size of the balls using the template. Put on the second bundle next to the first, align both bundles as tightly as possible.

Step 6

Make sure to fasten the bundles right away in the places where they should be, because if you have to advance an already fixed bundle along the thread, the material of the balls will fray and be damaged, the garland will last less than it could. Continue making purple and green blocks and securing them to the string until you get the garland you want.

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