How A Demon Possesses A Person

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How A Demon Possesses A Person
How A Demon Possesses A Person

Video: How A Demon Possesses A Person

Video: How A Demon Possesses A Person
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How does a demon get into a person? In esotericism, it is believed that obsession is the instillation of an evil spirit that negatively affects a person and often leads him to death. It is possible to determine that a demon has possessed a person according to several criteria.

How a demon possesses a person
How a demon possesses a person


Step 1

Aggression. Excessively aggressive behavior and uncontrollable fits of anger may indicate that a demon has possessed a person. Unreasonable irritability is becoming more and more frequent. A person ceases to logically perceive his actions. Outbursts of hatred towards everything around him make him commit acts of violence. He can hit a small child for a minor oversight, smash a glass against the wall. Nervous breakdowns alternate in the possessed with extreme apathy.

Step 2

Seizures Epileptic seizures and seizures are manifestations of demonic possession. For no apparent reason, a person who was absolutely calm begins to convulse in a minute. At the same time, he can bend so unnaturally that it terrifies others. Everything can be attributed to the individual flexibility of the spine, but this is not the only explanation.

Step 3

Loss of connection with reality. Obsession with demons is manifested in the strange behavior of people who previously behaved absolutely adequately. They hear voices, they see what others cannot see. It looks like schizophrenia, but it can also be occult.

Step 4

Apathy. When the demon takes root more and more in the human body, the latter falls into an apathetic state. He is inactive, stops going to work, communicating with loved ones. This can then escalate into a suicidal state. The possessed seeks to take his own life. Usually he tries to do this through stabbing and cutting objects. There is something sacred about it. So the demon seeks to finally weaken the will of the possessed.

Step 5

Knowledge of languages. If the previous reasons can be explained from the point of view of psychology, then this is clearly a paranormal phenomenon. A person who did not know two languages, suddenly begins to express himself in several. Most often these are dead languages, for example, ancient Latin or Sumerian. The voice of the possessed person can change beyond recognition. It turns to scream, wheeze, roar, sounds from somewhere far away. Often a person can be possessed by not one, but several demons, so they speak different languages.

Step 6

Abuse. The presence of obscenity and vulgarity in the speech of an obsessed person is an integral sign of an obsession. In general, a person becomes vulgar and behaves indecently. His sexual assaults on other people can be overly provocative. Obscene behavior usually becomes one of the last criteria before the complete possession of the demon and the repression of the human personality.

Step 7

Denial of religion. In the initial stages of obsession, a person has a negative attitude towards all symbols of religion: crosses, the Bible, holy water. But in the last stages, the demon is so strengthened in his power that he begins to commit sacrilege over them. The possessed one spits on the crosses, the holy water has no effect on him.

Step 8

Soreness. At the last stage of the demon's infestation, a person looks very painful. His skin takes on a greenish gray tint. The eyes turn red and watery. He is constantly nauseous, his joints ache. He stops eating, and his organs begin to gradually fail. Constant convulsions and weakening of the body are fatal.