What You Need To Know To Learn How To Play The Guitar

What You Need To Know To Learn How To Play The Guitar
What You Need To Know To Learn How To Play The Guitar

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A person who knows how to play the guitar is a welcome guest in a fun company. It is no coincidence that many people try to master this art. To make training as fast and high-quality as possible, certain rules must be followed.

What you need to know to learn how to play the guitar
What you need to know to learn how to play the guitar

The first step in learning to play the guitar is choosing the instrument itself. There are six-string and seven-string guitars: it is better to stop the choice on the first option, it is the six-string guitar that is the most popular and widespread. As for the quality of the instrument, everything is simple here - the higher it is, the better.

The guitar is in your hands, decide which style of playing you want to learn. It is one thing to "strum" the guitar, striking the strings with force, and it is quite another thing to really be able to play beautifully. If in the first case it is enough to know certain chords, then the second option will require a deep knowledge of musical theory. In particular, it is necessary to understand the basic terms - to know what a scale, scale, octave, musical scale, etc. are.

Of course, you can't do without musical notation. The criterion for mastering it is simple - you must not only know how to play a particular note, but also be able to read music from a sheet of music. Just imagine: you take notes, look at them - and you hear music recorded by notes in your mind. Without knowing the notes, at best you will be able to pick up music by ear, which is very inconvenient and will hardly allow you to really learn how to play. Thus, music theory and musical notation is the first place where you should start studying the art of playing the guitar.

Theory is nothing without practice, so from the very first steps you can begin practical mastering of the art of playing the guitar. To do this, you will need songs with guitar scores. Find educational texts, the melody in them is given in the simplest form. But this is quite enough so that you can not only memorize the notes, but also learn how to play simple melodies on the guitar.

From the very beginning of the training, pay attention to the correct playing technique, all the necessary detailed instructions can be found in the manuals for playing the guitar. Do not play wrong just because it is so "convenient for you", in the future it will be very difficult to retrain.

Find guitar patterns that you would like to emulate. In particular, pay attention to the performances of famous Spanish guitarists, the corresponding videos can be found on the Internet. Copy whatever you like - the way of playing, her style. And remember that copying the good is never shameful. In addition, you will definitely add something of your own to someone else's technique.

The most important thing when learning to play the guitar is hard work and regularity. Learning in fits and starts, from time to time, you will not be able to achieve good results. It is the constancy and love of music that is the key to achieving success.

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