How To Make A Horseshoe

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How To Make A Horseshoe
How To Make A Horseshoe

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It is unlikely that you will have a need to make a real functional horseshoe for a horse. But the manufacture of souvenir horseshoes is gaining more and more popularity at the present time.

How to make a horseshoe
How to make a horseshoe

It is necessary

  • - soft strip steel;
  • - a hammer;
  • - sledgehammer;
  • - ticks;
  • - punch.


Step 1

A number of professional blacksmiths allow excursions on their territory. During them it will be possible to make a real metal horseshoe under the guidance of a professional farrier. You will be given material, tools and step-by-step instructions. As a result, you will get a decorative horseshoe made with your own hands.

Step 2

If you do not have the opportunity to get to a lesson with a blacksmith, an iron horseshoe can be forged at home. To do this, you will need metal and forging tools. Take a soft strip steel better. Its cross section depends on what size horseshoe you want. For a small workpiece, take a material 20/22 mm wide and 10/12 mm thick. For a larger horseshoe, use 25 * 12mm steel. From the tools you will need a hand hammer with a long flat handle, a heavy sledgehammer (about 4.5 kg), pliers for fixing the workpiece, and a hole punch. Professional blacksmiths use a large number of tools, but they will not be needed for souvenir work.

Step 3

Forging can be either cold or hot. In the second case, you will then need additional fuel. Coal is best suited for these purposes. But at home you are unlikely to be able to heat the metal to the desired temperature. For cold forging, grab one end of the metal strip with a pair of tongs and tap the other end gently with a hammer. Do this until the steel forms a horseshoe. Punch holes for nails or apply decor to a horseshoe.

Step 4

If making a metal horseshoe is too difficult for you, make a horseshoe out of anything. You can carve it from wood, mold it from salt dough, weave it from wire. You can use metallic paint to decorate the horseshoe. Or you can cover the base with any shade and decorate with flowers, leaves or braided cords.

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