How To Draw Tears

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How To Draw Tears
How To Draw Tears

Video: How To Draw Tears

Video: How To Draw Tears
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Human emotions are the most important factor that determines the atmosphere of any work of art, including a drawing or painting. The way you portray the emotions and feelings of a person in the picture and how subtly you manage to convey these feelings to the viewer directly affects the final atmosphere of the drawing and its quality. The artist has the whole spectrum of human emotions at his disposal, and among them tears are very expressive. Drawing tears is not so difficult - for this you need to follow a number of graphic rules.

How to draw tears
How to draw tears


Step 1

Since tears are liquid, you should paint them like any other liquid. Determine at what stage the tears will be in your drawing - when the drop just appears on the eyelid or when the tear is already running down the cheek. A drop is a circle or ellipse with one or two highlights. A flowing tear is drawn in the form of an elongated drop.

Step 2

Paint the tears over the eyes and eyelashes so that the eyelashes are visible through the drop. Those areas of the eye that are closed by a tear must be lightened. If you are drawing a protruding tear, determine what size the drop will be - it can be a very small drop at the tip of the eyelashes, or it can be a double or triple merging drop that enhances the atmospheric setting of the picture.

Step 3

In order to draw merging drops, draw two or three drops of different sizes side by side, and then combine them with smooth lines, erase the lines inside the shape and apply highlights.

Step 4

If a drop flows down, determine its length - it may fall slightly, or it may flow down to the chin. At the end of the drop, draw a small bulge with a glare, and the base of the tear should be narrow and slightly curvy. The drop can bend to follow the shape of the face, or it can be completely straight.

Step 5

If the character's head is tilted in the drawing, the tear should always roll in the same direction as the head is tilted. Follow this rule. If the head is lifted up, the tear will roll back a little. If the head is down, the tear will roll towards the tip of the nose.

Step 6

In order to paint wet eyes, enhancing the viewer's impression of the drawing, add more highlights to the pupil. Transparent eyes can be depicted by drawing the contour of the iris and pupil without painting over the eyes.

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