How To Draw The Seabed

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How To Draw The Seabed
How To Draw The Seabed

Video: How To Draw The Seabed

Video: How To Draw The Seabed
Video: (O.) How to Draw an Ocean floor with Sand, Rocks, Kelp, and a Sea Anemone. 2023, March

In the tropical sea, the bottom can be looked at for hours, because the animals and plants that inhabit it are very picturesque and interesting. After the scuba diving excursion, I want to transfer my impressions to paper, adding new details and details.

How to draw the seabed
How to draw the seabed

It is necessary

  • - paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - paints.


Step 1

First, you should make a sketch of the future drawing in pencil. Draw ripples of sand that spread in waves, and add air bubbles. Shells, algae, stones, fish, jellyfish, etc. must be present on the seabed. Draw them still schematically, the lines should be thin and barely noticeable, so that it is easier to erase and correct them.

Step 2

Try to leave a border between the water and the bottom so that you don't mix colors when painting. Now you can detail the drawing in more detail. Mark the relief and natural pattern on the shells; suckers at the bottom of the rays should be present on the body of the jellyfish. Draw the fins, tails and heads of the fish.

Step 3

Hermit crabs live in some shells, you can draw them too, this will make the picture more believable and characteristic. Corals and algae have different shapes, convey this in your drawing.

Step 4

To make the picture more expressive and vivid, depict seahorses, stingrays, octopuses and other marine life that you like. To more accurately convey the anatomy of animals and plants, carefully study their photos.

Step 5

Some creatures are disguised and hiding under stones, so they also need to be depicted in the picture. The boulders in the sea are erased by water, add their characteristic streaks.

Step 6

You can make your drawing more colorful by depicting a chest buried in the sand or a sunken ship. Add rust to all metal parts of these items. Holes may appear in the hull of the ship, various inhabitants of the sea will settle in it. Draw a moray eel or shark emerging from the ship. Draw a wooden chest overgrown with algae with small crustaceans in it.

Step 7

When your drawing is ready, color it in. The sand of the seabed is beige and brownish. Paint the water itself with turquoise, blue and blue paint. Corals are bright red, reddish pink, or white.

Step 8

Fish can be of a wide variety of shades. Don't forget about shadows and highlights. Choose several shades of lighter and darker paint colors for them. This variety will make the drawing more "alive".

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