How To Learn To Sew Things

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How To Learn To Sew Things
How To Learn To Sew Things

Video: How To Learn To Sew Things

Video: How To Learn To Sew Things
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Girls want to look sophisticated and unique, they spend a huge amount of time and effort shopping. But even with such a huge amount of choice as today, not everyone can choose the right thing for themselves in size, color or style. Knowing how to sew can be very helpful in such a situation.

How to learn to sew things
How to learn to sew things


Step 1

Absolutely any woman, without exception, can master the sewing technique. As in any kind of needlework, sewing has its own basic techniques that you should know about before starting work. Master hand stitches. They come in several types - basting and concealed, looped hemming and overcasting. The simplest basting stitch is done by threading the fabric at regular intervals onto the needle. After making an accordion, straighten the fabric and see how they are connected. Having understood the principle, you can do without stringing and make a seam immediately on a flat surface of the fabric.

Step 2

A blind stitch is made with a "snake": you need to fold the fabric with the right side inward and sew it with small stitches so that the thread is inside the fold.

Step 3

Buttonhole seams, hem seams and overcast seams have a similar technique. The bottom line is that every time you stick a needle from the same side of the fabric - a loop forms over the seam. Such seams are made with a needle, the thickness of which depends on the product and fabric.

Step 4

After manual seams, master machine seams. There are three types of machine seams - connecting seam, double seam and seam seam. Before you start sewing any thing, you should practice on various patches until the seam is even and the thread stops tearing and clumping.

Step 5

Learn how to handle the item. This wording implies the ability to hem a skirt or trousers, correctly and accurately process the edges. The textile industry is now extremely diverse, so you should not neglect the knowledge of the various methods of working with any kind of fabric. The technique of sewing curtains and bed linen, for example, will be very different, so if you do not want to ruin the product, you should familiarize yourself in more detail with the methods.

Step 6

Sewing technique involves the ability to cut, stitch, adjust and process fabric. Just starting to sew on their own, it is advised to turn to ready-made patterns. There are now a lot of sewing magazines with ready-made patterns of various products. Remember that all the details of the pattern should be located in the same direction along the share. The lobe is a vertical line on the pattern that should be strictly parallel to the edge of the fabric. In the future, when you have already mastered the art of sewing, you can yourself be a designer of your own things and look unique, inimitable.