How To Draw A Camel

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How To Draw A Camel
How To Draw A Camel

Video: How To Draw A Camel

Video: How To Draw A Camel
Video: How To Draw A Cartoon Camel 2023, December

Camels are used as pack animals when traveling in arid areas. Therefore, they are often depicted in desert and steppe landscapes. Fortunately, learning how to draw this majestic animal is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

How to draw a camel
How to draw a camel

It is necessary

  • - pencil,
  • - paper,
  • - eraser,
  • - paints.


Step 1

First, you need to sketch out the outline of the animal. First draw a small circle for the head. Draw a large oval to the left of it. It will become the basis for the body. Connect the circle and oval with a slightly curved line. The diagrams of the legs closest to the viewer include two ovals each. The lower ovals are small, while the upper ones are slightly larger. Draw a line connecting the two ovals. It should be refracted at the level of the small oval. For the far legs, it is enough to draw only the lines and the lower ovals.

Step 2

Focusing on the camel diagram, work out the character's head. On the right side, draw a rounded shape to the circle, resembling a large nose. Make a small hump on the top of the mold. Add a shallow notch on the right side. On the underside of the head, draw a softly outlined lower jaw. Draw the ears of the camel. The nearest ear should be slightly elongated, with a smooth line. The far ear is practically invisible. To depict it, draw a small mound on the top of the camel's head. Then sketch out the crest between the ears.

Step 3

From the head, lower the two arched lines representing the camel's neck. The left one should be smooth and short, and the right one should be long, with three shallow teeth. Connect the neck to the torso. Draw two ruffled humps on top of it. Also in the lower part of the body, between the future legs, draw a short zigzag representing the fur.

Step 4

Surround each leg outline with flowing lines. Draw the curves that are characteristic of this animal. The upper large oval of the limb will become the croup. Small ovals of the legs - joints. At the end of each limb, draw a bifurcated foot in the form of a trapezoid with rounded lower corners.

Step 5

Add a thin tail to the left edge of the camel's body. At the end, draw a modest three-toothed brush.

Step 6

It remains to draw the eyes and nose of the camel. Since the character is standing sideways, you can only see one eye. Draw it in the form of the number six, the circle of which looks at the large ear. To draw the nostril, draw an arc to frame the small spiral. It should be slightly higher than the lower jaw. Draw the far nostril in the same way as the far ear. Draw a large check mark between the nostrils and the edge of the lips of the upper jaw.

Step 7

Delete construction lines. They are no longer needed. Using light brown and brown paint, paint the character. Make a soft transition between them. The near legs of the camel should be slightly lighter than the distant ones. Paint your feet gray. You can also draw around the camel its natural habitat - the desert.