Who Will Be Nominated For An Emmy Award?

Who Will Be Nominated For An Emmy Award?
Who Will Be Nominated For An Emmy Award?

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The American Emmy is the television counterpart of the Oscars. The laureates are presented with a golden statuette of a woman with wings holding a model of an atom in her hands. As conceived by the American television, national and international academies, which are the organizers of the event, the wings are a symbol of television as an art, and the atom symbolizes television as a science.

Who will be nominated for the award
Who will be nominated for the award

The 64th Emmy Television Awards will take place in 2012. It will be hosted by comedians Kerry Washington and Jimmy Kimmel. The ceremony will take place in Hollywood on September 23rd.

The prize is awarded annually in over one hundred categories. 2012 is no exception. The nominees have already been announced who will compete for the main prize.

The drama miniseries American Horror Story and Mad Men have been nominated for 17 awards. In addition, the main prize is claimed by films: "Game of Thrones", "Alien Among Friends", "Mad Men". The British dramas "Downton Abbey" and "Hatfields and McConnell", which received 16 nominations, are slightly behind them.

The main fight in the comedy series will include the films: Girls, Vice President, Studio 30, The Big Bang Theory, The American Family.

The category for the best TV movie or miniseries will be presented by films: "American Horror Story", "The Game Has Changed", "Hemingway and Gellhorn".

The episodes nominated for the series "Sherlock", "Hatfield and McCoy", "Luther".

Briton Hugh Bonneville, who played the lead role in Downton Abbey, and American John Hamm (Mad Men), have been nominated for the role of Best Actor in a Drama Series.

Several actresses have been nominated in the same category: Glenn Close, Michelle Dokuri, Elisabeth Moss, Julianne Margulies, Claire Danes, Katie Bates.

The largest television networks in the United States - NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX - do not compete for the main prize in the drama category. This happened for the first time in 64 years.

In the category of the best reality shows, the nominees will be Project Runway and Dancing with the Stars.

Who will win, you can find out only after the ceremony of presenting the television award "Emmy".

In 2011, Mad Men and American Family received an Emmy award for Best Comedy and Drama Series.

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