How To Play "Alternative"

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How To Play "Alternative"
How To Play "Alternative"

Video: How To Play "Alternative"

Video: How To Play "Alternative"
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For the game "Alternative" there is not much background information regarding the passage and overcoming of any tasks. Here you better get familiar with the main functions of the menu and try to go through it yourself.

How to play
How to play

It is necessary

the game "Alternative" installed on your computer


Step 1

To exit to the main menu of the game "Alternative" use the Esc key. To access the pop-up inventory, find the corresponding menu item at the top of the screen. To access the functions of the character or any item of your choice, select it with the mouse button, then in the menu that appears, select what exactly you would like to do - see, take an item or talk to the character. If you want to use items in your inventory in combination mode, launch the appropriate panel with your items and use the mouse buttons to drag one onto the other.

Step 2

To conduct research on any item from the elements of the game, right-click on it. In order to take it, double-click on it with the left button, after which you can find it in the inventory panel.

Step 3

Use the laptop, which is also available in the inventory panel, for assistance with completing the game, viewing current tasks and the information required to complete them. To activate it, right-click on it once. You can also browse discs on it.

Step 4

When choosing the difficulty level of the game, keep in mind that on the most difficult one you will have to load the save every time when your character is killed, after which you will also need to re-pass a certain part of the "Alternative". On an easy level, you will start right away from the place where you incorrectly answered the question and were killed. The easy level is quite uninteresting for experienced gamers, and if you don't have enough experience in computer games, it is quite suitable for the first playthrough.

Step 5

If you have any problems with the passage of the game, use the Internet search for the appropriate forums and sites, where you can find help information about the game "Alternative", or read the entire course of the game with tips on passing certain stages.

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