How To Write A Script For KVN

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How To Write A Script For KVN
How To Write A Script For KVN

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Giving people joy is always nice. So where to start writing jokes for KVN? A few simple tips for those who want to write funny jokes and delight others with them.

How to write a script for KVN
How to write a script for KVN

The most important thing is faith in yourself

Don't believe anyone who says it's impossible to learn how to write jokes. Start by observing - something funny is going on in your environment. Don't be afraid to start with simple examples, be it a friend accidentally dropped a phrase or a funny cat.

A narrow mind is the main reason for failure

If you "tried but did not learn" write the previous sentence on your forehead and move on! Jokes are not taken out of thin air, each of them is built on the basis of some situation, paradox, life observations. Use your experience, intellectual baggage. If you have not read anything but children's books, feel free to write about the clubfoot bear and uncle steppe. This tactic was used by many winners of KVN festivals.

If you feel sleepy, you go to sleep. It's the same with writing jokes. Do you need? Take it and write!

In any business, "all at once" never works

You need to train. Don't expect a special chance to showcase your creations, but develop your talent every day. Usually out of ten jokes written, only two are really good. The main thing is that they exist, and you can already work with this.

It will be useful to periodically demonstrate your work to people. Now there are many opportunities for this - a company of friends, newspapers, the Internet. In this case, it is very important to receive criticism, to know how people react to your jokes. People's opinion is a good motivator.

Keep it simple. You will come to philosophizing on the meaning of life later. The initial stage of talent development should be devoted to long-established dogmas. The viewer should be clear and close to what you are talking about.

The first pancake is lumpy - and it's not scary

Most likely, the first jokes will be vulgar and incomprehensible. You can't do without it. Start a notebook and write, then close it and hide it from prying eyes. This is your draft.

Experiment with styles. Write both warm-up jokes and long miniatures. There is nothing wrong with sitting as a team and writing a full-fledged work. Variety is an important aspect.

Never imitate famous teams, but be inspired by their example. Encourage the individual style of each member of your group. The clock shows the correct time only if all screws are working.

Always have a pen and notebook with you

Brilliant thoughts can visit at the most unexpected moment!

You should be amused by what you write. And only then will your skill be at its best!

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