How To Make An Angel

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How To Make An Angel
How To Make An Angel

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Angels are good messengers. For people, an angel is a symbol of God's protection. It is believed that everyone has their own guardian angel. Therefore, it is not surprising that angels are so popular in art and applied arts. Making an angel yourself is not difficult. To do this, you need a little imagination and some materials.

Angels are good messengers, make them yourself
Angels are good messengers, make them yourself


Step 1

First option. It will not require large material, labor and time expenditures from you. This angel consists of a decorative ribbon on a wire, napkins and foil candy wrappers. Also stock up on glue and scissors.

Fold the decorative ribbon over the wire in a bow shape. This can be done with a cut piece of tape or straight from the roll. Trim the edges of the bow neatly and tie the middle with a small cut off piece of tape. Leave a wire end at the back, to which you can then tie a thread to hang it on the tree. Set aside the cooked wings for now.

Take a candy wrapper, wrap it around a ball rolled from a napkin. This will be the head of an angel. In parallel, make an accordion from another candy wrapper, forming an angel's torso from it, attach the head and torso to the bow set aside earlier. The angel is ready.

Step 2

Option two. For it, you will need a white organza, white threads, cotton wool or synthetic winterizer, a gold ribbon.

Cut out three 20 by 20 cm squares from organza. Put a piece of cotton wool or padding polyester in the center of one square and tie the resulting ball with white thread.

To make handles, take a blank for the head and tuck the corners inward. These will be handles. Tie them up with thread too. Then mark the waist line in the center, and secure it with a thread.

The skirt is very easy to make. Take the second square, wrap the angel in it along the waistline and tie it with a thread.

All that remains is to make the wings. For them, take the third square, fold it diagonally and tie with a thread. Tie the wings crosswise to the body and tie a belt of gold braid.

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