How To Tie A Ball

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How To Tie A Ball
How To Tie A Ball

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Knitted balls are a very interesting toy that came to us from ancient times. It is very convenient to play with such balls indoors, the game develops fine motor skills and reaction. Similar balls are also used in a game called Sox.

Crafted Jumper
Crafted Jumper

It is necessary

  • Threads
  • Hook
  • Ball filler
  • Kinder surprise box (optional)


Step 1

The ball is best knitted from multi-colored threads. So it will be much more beautiful and attractive, especially if this toy is intended for a baby. The threads are chosen dense, it is better thick so that the knitting is dense enough. In this case, the hook is chosen a little thicker than the thread.

Step 2

You should also prepare the filler for the ball. They can be cotton wool, synthetic winterizer, special balls, cereals. And if you are planning a rattle ball, then you need to prepare a box from the "kinder surprise" for investing in the middle. You can put a few small buttons in it for a noise effect.

Step 3

Then you can start knitting directly. The ball is knitted round, in single crochet columns. To do this, you need to dial a ring of air loops, connect it, and start the first row with it. You need to knit as tightly as possible, gradually adding the columns. To make it easier to knit, you need to find a ready-made ball, and try on a future knitted ball on it. It is important not to miss the moment when the increases in the loops stop, and the side walls of the ball are tied with one number of loops. Then the columns will need to be gradually reduced.

Step 4

When the ball is almost ready, but a small hole remains, it must be filled with filler and tied to the end.

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