How To Make A Hair Clip With A Flower

How To Make A Hair Clip With A Flower
How To Make A Hair Clip With A Flower

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If you want to attract someone's interested eye, then having a piece of jewelry in your hair is a safe bet. Of course, finding a suitable accessory is not easy, because only consumer goods are most often found in stores, and exclusive items are not cheap, and they do not always justify their high price. But if you approach this issue creatively, then with your own hands you can make an incredibly beautiful flower hairpin that will look great and delight others.

How to make a hair clip with a flower
How to make a hair clip with a flower

It is necessary

  • - pieces of fabric;
  • - candle;
  • - beads, beads or buttons;
  • - polymer clay;
  • - pieces of skin;
  • - dyes for leather.


Step 1

A flower can be made from fabric. Artificial silk, chiffon, satin, any synthetic material, guipure, organza, etc. are suitable for its manufacture. You need to choose the fabric in color and texture and cut out circles or shapes of a different shape from it, depending on what kind of flower you want to make. For the sake of simplicity, let's assume these are circles. Cut more of them to make your flower more lush.

Step 2

Then light a candle and place a container of water next to it. You need a candle to burn the edges of the mug and complicate their shape a little, and water in case you overdo it and your material catches fire. Next, take a piece of cloth with a clothespin or tweezers and quickly rotate it over the flame. The effect can be different - the fabric can curl, wrinkle, change color or become covered with folds, depending on the temperature of exposure. To achieve an interesting result, you need to experiment.

Step 3

After that, collect all the mugs together and carefully fix in the center. Decorate the center of the flower with beads, beads or buttons. Next, you just have to glue the finished flower to a clip, hairpin or invisibility.

Step 4

A flower hair clip can be made of polymer clay. To do this, take a white strip of clay, put it on an automatic hair clip. Cut off the excess material, and leave 4-5 mm and bend to strengthen. From the clay, make several roses and boat-shaped leaves. Then all this must be connected, attached to the base and baked at 110 degrees for half an hour. When the hairpin has cooled, varnish the flowers. Instead of roses, you can make any other flowers - poppies, chamomiles, chrysanthemums, pansies, etc. To get a relief surface of the petals, they should be pressed against the textured surface or create the necessary grooves with a toothpick.

Step 5

Flowers can be made from any pieces of leather available in your home - from old bags, boots, jackets or gloves. To polish the skin, it is enough to lubricate it with cream or petroleum jelly. The inside of the skin is removed, the edges are treated with a stain. The embossing gives texture to the skin.

Step 6

Cut out the circles with a knife or scissors. To avoid tearing them, make radial cuts. Connect the parts with thread (or Moment glue) and decorate with a button or beads. To complicate the model, try cutting the petals of the future flowers of various lengths and shapes. They can also be dyed in various colors with shoe spray paints, colored hairsprays or aniline dyes. If the skin is thick and tough, it is "fried" in a cast-iron pan to bend up a little and give the shape of a hemisphere.

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