Why Can't You Finish Eating Food For Your Children?

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Why Can't You Finish Eating Food For Your Children?
Why Can't You Finish Eating Food For Your Children?

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Many parents, especially mothers, finish their food for their child. It would seem, what's wrong with that - there is a little yummy left in the plate, do not throw it away. But it turns out that this cannot be done - both according to popular beliefs and in the opinion of doctors. Read on for why.

why it is impossible to finish eating food for children
why it is impossible to finish eating food for children

Folk omen number 1

According to signs, parents or other relatives who eat up food for a child take away his strength, happiness or life time. This sign arose in ancient times - even when food was considered sacred, and its extraction was often very difficult. People believed that a person eats not only physically, but also energetically. Therefore, they tried to calculate the portion so that it could give the necessary charge of energy to only one specific person. To eat more - to feel heaviness in the stomach, less - to receive less something very important. If someone else eats up the "lost energy" - he takes away your vitality. It doesn't matter who does it - close friends, loved ones, enemies or parents.

Folk omen number 2

The child, who was in the womb, ate for a long time strictly from the mother - he received food through the umbilical cord. After he was born and began to grow up, he fed on breast milk, which means that he continued to feel a particularly strong bond with a loved one. And he will continue to do so until he becomes completely "autonomous". On the one hand, of course, this is good, but on the other, it is not very good. Almost completely depending on the parents, the child will not be able to establish social ties with others around him and begin to make independent decisions. And you drag out the time of his socialization, finishing his food after him. Do not do that!

Folk omen number 3

But if there are few of the above reasons why you cannot finish eating food for children, pay attention to the third sign - the most frightening. Astrologers claim that each portion contains the energy of a certain star. The child absorbs it along with food and is, as it were, programmed for a better future - excellent studies, a happy marriage, the birth of healthy children, etc. So, parents who finish writing for him, as if "eat up" the life of their own child, dooming him to misfortunes and failures …

The opinion of specialists - psychologists and nutritionists

Of course, you can say that all this is fiction, in reality it cannot be verified. However, "Thomas the Unbelievers" should listen to the opinion of psychologists. According to these experts, a child who sees how his parents finish eating for him forms a wrong value system. He begins to shift his responsibilities onto others, tries to choose only the best pieces - which means that he becomes too selective (this is also not very good). Since he sees that you are always giving in, he tries to demand his own in everything - hence the whims, strong resentments, etc.

Nutritionists argue that eating for a child is not good for the parents themselves. Doing this, moms and dads imperceptibly increase their own portion, and then wonder where the extra pounds came from and why the heart pounds so much when walking up the stairs. And all because there is the usual overeating and stretching of the stomach. So stop eating after the baby, but remember that you don't need to overfeed it either. If you do not know how much a child should eat at one time of the same porridge, seek advice from a pediatrician - he will tell you.

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