How To Sell Your Vote

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How To Sell Your Vote
How To Sell Your Vote

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Most of the contests held on the Internet are based on the original votes cast for the participants. There are many programs for cheating votes, but they are easy to track down even when using a proxy server. Therefore, in order to win, the services of buying and selling votes are used. Keep in mind that the sale and purchase of votes is prohibited by the terms of the competition, so you need to approach this issue with the utmost care.

How to sell your vote
How to sell your vote


Step 1

First of all, make sure that you have any electronic currency wallet available. A bank account may also work, but this type of calculation is not very common when selling votes. It is desirable that it be either an account in the Yandex.Money system or webmoney. Register with one of these systems and verify your account by following the instructions that will be provided to you.

Step 2

Begin passive customer search. Create a group on a social network, place ads on specialized sites, as well as on exchanges for buying and selling votes. Use an additional e-mail box and a nickname instead of your real name and surname. Remember that the reputation of the voice seller is not very good, in every possible way avoid the possibility of advertising your real name and surname.

Step 3

Use active customer search as well. Register several mailboxes, and then look for contests in which the victory is ensured by the most votes. Offer the participants to buy your vote, while giving them one of your additional boxes. You can do this either directly or by posting announcements on the forums dedicated to the found contests.

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