How To Draw Mandalas

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How To Draw Mandalas
How To Draw Mandalas

Video: How To Draw Mandalas

Video: How To Draw Mandalas
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Mandala is a Sanskrit word. Translations from Sanskrit in different sources are different: the sacred circle, that which surrounds the center. But everywhere there is the word circle, center. She personifies the circular symbol of the universe. In theory, a mandala is a design that combines amazing shapes with strict geometric proportions. When drawing, symmetrical shapes are often used in multiples of four, which symbolize the elements, the four cardinal points, stars and planets.

How to draw mandalas
How to draw mandalas

It is necessary

A sheet of paper or cloth, the medium with which you want to paint


Step 1

Looking at the impeccably beautiful, subtle, melodic mandalas drawn by masters, it may seem that you will never draw this way. It's a delusion. You don't need any skills or abilities. The only thing to do is listen to yourself and draw. Whichever mandala you draw, it will be correct. Draw the way your heart wants you to. Switch off consciousness.

Step 2

American Indians, Hindus and Buddhists use mandala painting for spiritual development and body healing. Use this experience in moments when it's hard, when you want to know yourself and develop, go beyond the ordinary. Discover the beauty and harmony of the universe through drawing.

Step 3

In order to draw a mandala, you need two things: what to draw on and what to draw on. If you wish, you can paint with a stick in the sand. If you want to make painting a tradition, think about what you would like to paint with. You can use colored pencils, crayons from different materials, felt-tip pens, various paints. As a canvas, you can use paper, fabric.

Step 4

For drawing a mandala, it is best to retire, unless you are practicing it in a group. Create a cozy, warm atmosphere in the room, conducive to dialogue with yourself. To do this, use calm music (the sound of the sea, for example), candles, smells - what you like, what to your soul. You need to make sure that you are not disturbed in order to relax.

Step 5

Concentrate on what you want. These can be old, deep experiences, or a completely new failed experience, certain people or events, a state of inner peace, or a specific issue.

Step 6

Draw a circle. This can be done by hand, you can use a compass or a plate. Continue to concentrate on your inner sensations, listen to your breathing. And fill in the mandala as you wish. Draw fancy shapes and color them or just paint them. Never get it right. Just paint however you like. It is believed that the mandala itself will guide you. It is impossible to draw it wrong.

Step 7

Draw as much as you see fit. At the end, you can note for yourself that you depicted, what colors you used. If there is a desire, the mandala can be hung for some time in a conspicuous place. Be attentive to the changes in your life after drawing the mandala.

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