How To Draw A Goalkeeper With A Pencil

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How To Draw A Goalkeeper With A Pencil
How To Draw A Goalkeeper With A Pencil

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During the match, the goalkeeper is focused. A football player is ready to jump at any moment to catch the ball, which flies just below the crossbar. The hockey goalkeeper also does not sleep, he is ready to hit the puck with his massive skates and a stick.

How to draw a goalkeeper
How to draw a goalkeeper

Soccer goalkeeper

The focus of a soccer goal guard needs to be shown on canvas. Begin phasing the goalkeeper by drawing the goal post. Then it will be clear how tall the young man is. Draw them in the shape of a tall rectangle; you don't need to draw the net of the gate for now.

In the middle of this object is the goalkeeper. Draw his head, it is oblong. The hair of this person is short, from the line of the temples draw the ears using semicircular lines. Draw the eyes, nose, mouth. The goalkeeper's face is ready.

To show how strong his arms are, and to convey the readiness to throw himself on the ball at any time, do not draw the neck, since the shoulders are raised. Just below the left ear, draw a semicircular line to the side and to the left. This is his hand, on the other hand draw the same one. Draw another line from the armpits on both sides. This is the inside of the hand. These two features are connected with goalkeeper gloves, draw them large.

From the line of the armpits downward, depict a massive torso that passes into the hips. In the player's uniform there are special sports shorts, they are worn over the tights. Draw this piece of clothing loose, cover with stripes obliquely. Let this picture be on it.

Below the shorts, draw a part of the legs to the knees, draw leggings down from it, draw sneakers or sneakers, spikes on the goalkeeper's feet.

From the head down, draw 2 small lines in the shape of an angle, this is the cutout of the player's jacket, it will show that he still has a neck. Make 2-3 vertical strokes on the line of the goalkeeper's chest so that you can see how the clothes fit his figure in some places.

Draw a grid on the back of the guy, for this draw stripes horizontally and vertically. The pencil drawing is ready.

Hockey goalkeeper

Start drawing the guard of the hockey goal from the head, or rather, from his helmet, as he has it covered with this protective device. To do this, draw a circle. It is larger in size than the head. Divide it horizontally into 2 parts - the top should be slightly smaller. Leave it like this at the top, draw a few small rectangles at the bottom. Through these holes, the guy observes the situation.

Start drawing the shoulders from the middle of the bottom of the mask. In equipment, they seem even more massive. Equally massive arms emerge from the rounded shoulders. On the right, the player is holding a club. Start by drawing two parallel lines. They go diagonally to the right. The top is closer, and the bottom is a little further apart. Then draw the horizontal part of the stick with which the goal-defender hits the washers. He has a rectangular trap in his left hand.

Below the armpits, depict his torso in shape, then the shields. They start right after the shorts. Draw them in the form of three rectangles located one above the other, then draw the first with horizontal, and the second and third with vertical lines. Downstairs on the legs - skates. It remains to make a few lines on his upper part of his clothes - it seems to bulge in some places, and the drawing of the hockey goalkeeper is ready.

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