3 Examples Of Amulets For A House And An Apartment

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3 Examples Of Amulets For A House And An Apartment
3 Examples Of Amulets For A House And An Apartment

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A charm for a house or apartment is easy enough to create with your own hands. Or, such a magic item can be bought in any shop with the appropriate assortment. At the same time, it is worth noting that even the most uncomplicated thing can become a talisman, if you activate it, put power into it, make it work.

Amulet for the house
Amulet for the house

What is a talisman for a house / apartment? This is a kind of artifact that will protect both the home and family members who live in the specified place. Household amulets can protect against negative (magical) outside influences, discourage bad people from the house, prevent theft, fires, flooding, and so on. Some types of amulets can also protect against quarrels within the family, from conflicts.

The amulet can look differently. And various items, objects are used to protect the home. Often dry herbs or flowers / berries, branches of trees / shrubs, house plants become amulets. Hand-made amulets for the home can be embroidered pillows and tablecloths with a special ornament, homemade dolls made of fabric or straw, cards with certain protective symbols, photographs and drawings. Figurines, runes, pebbles, shells and even soft toys can play the role of a home amulet.

3 effective amulets for an apartment or house

  1. Nettle. This plant is familiar to many; the healing properties of nettle have been known for a long time. However, this stinging herb also has protective functions; it is recommended to use it as a simple but very effective amulet for an apartment. It is better if you manage to collect the grass with your own hands, and then dry it at home on a windowsill in direct sunlight. After that, the branches of the plant must be collected in bunches, there must be an odd number of branches. Wrap each bundle with red or white woolen thread and hang around the house. A homemade nettle amulet will drive away bad people, attract pleasant and positive events, and protect against family problems.
  2. Homemade protective pouch. To create this amulet, you will need a small piece of any natural fabric. You need to carefully wrap the grains of corn and peas in it, add a couple of ordinary seeds and a pinch of table salt, a few peas of black and red pepper, a small piece of cinnamon stick. Pull the fabric with natural thread to make a small bag. This amulet is best left in the hallway. He will protect against theft, will not allow people with bad intentions to enter the house, will always be on the guard of family well-being and love.
  3. Bells and bells. Such things can perfectly fit into the interior, become part of the decor, while performing protective functions. However, it is important that the bells or bells ring at least occasionally, and not just hang motionless. Such objects with their sound cleanse the space, get rid of bad energy. They block bad news and events from entering the house, protect from outside magical influences and various evil forces.

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