How To Play "thousand" Together

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How To Play "thousand" Together
How To Play "thousand" Together

Video: How To Play "thousand" Together

Video: How To Play "thousand" Together
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Usually when playing cards the bigger the company the better. But for the game of "thousand", or "mariage", the most optimal number is 3 people. However, you can play together, which does not implore the interest of this game.

How to play "thousand" together
How to play "thousand" together

It is necessary

deck of playing cards


Step 1

Choose from the deck the cards representing "6", "7", "8". Values of cards: "9" - 0 points, "jack" - 2 points, "queen" - 3 points, "king" - 4 points, "10" - 10 points and "ace" - 11 points.

Step 2

Mariage is a combination of a lady and a king of the same suit. You can only declare it when both of them are in your hands.

The Red Marriage will earn you 100 points, the Diamonds - 80 points, the Cross - 60 and the Peak Marriage - 40 points. 4 aces in one hand will bring you 200 points at once.

Step 3

To play “thousand” together, deal the remaining cards equally, but set aside 4 cards in two decks.

Step 4

Be the first to bet if you haven't dealt any cards. Otherwise, your opponent does it. The game of "one thousand" together assumes constant alternation. The minimum bet is 100 points. then the principle of the auction applies: you place your bids in turn.

Step 5

You have the right to choose a "pile" of 4 cards, if your opponent did not beat your bet. But if you do not collect the declared number of points for the game, this amount will be debited from your account.

Step 6

After you have drawn 4 cards, you must give any 2 to your opponent. But if someone has four "nines" in one hand, it is necessary to redeal the cards.

Step 7

You have the right of the first move if you won at the "auction", and you will move until the enemy beats your card. The trump card is the suit, the margins of which have been announced until another margins are announced.

Step 8

"Thousand" is played together until you score 1000 points or your opponent does it.

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