How To Take Pictures On The Beach

How To Take Pictures On The Beach
How To Take Pictures On The Beach

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Most often, we associate vacation with the beach, golden sand by the sea, or at least by the river. And, of course, in such a blissful and relaxed or, on the contrary, mischievous and elated mood, I want to take a picture.

How to take pictures on the beach
How to take pictures on the beach


Step 1

Choose a suitable background, make sure that no strangers and objects get into the frame. Use a telephoto lens to focus on your subject. However, do not get carried away with shooting only fragments, take pictures against the background of the environment, so that it is clear where exactly the picture was taken.

Step 2

Ask the person to take a pose, help him in this. Try to make the posture show the person from the advantageous side and help hide his flaws.

Step 3

If you are taking a portrait photo, then the shooting point will be the level of the person's eyes, and if the photo is full-length, the waist line. Place the camera lens in front of your subject, otherwise the proportions may be distorted. If you are photographing people not in full height, then do not "crop" your legs in the middle of the ankle or thigh. It is better if the edge of the picture falls on the knees, belt, elbows - make sure that everything is logical.

Step 4

The ideal time to shoot on the beach is morning or evening, when the light is soft enough to produce the same soft shadows and midtones. It is desirable that the sun is behind the photographer's back, but at the same time does not blind the model.

Step 5

Make up stories! If you are photographing people, it doesn't have to be only portrait photos, and the subject doesn't have to be centered in the frame. Place the person in the right half of the photo, then the viewer's brain, accustomed to “reading” from left to right, will complete the plot itself.

Step 6

Turn on your imagination. Use items on the beach: sun loungers, shells, pebbles, slates, towels, bottles. Go into the water and take pictures from the water level.

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