How To Care For Cyclamen At Home

How To Care For Cyclamen At Home
How To Care For Cyclamen At Home

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Cyclamen is a very beautiful and delicate flower that is often bought for a gift. But a capricious plant requires careful care - without it, graceful flowers will fall off, and new buds will not appear. In order for the flower to develop well, proper watering, timely fertilization and the correct temperature regime are necessary.

How to care for cyclamen at home
How to care for cyclamen at home

It is necessary

  • - suitable transplant pots;
  • - complex liquid fertilizer;
  • - ready-made soil for cyclamen;
  • - a pallet with pebbles;
  • - sprayer.


Step 1

When buying a plant, choose a sturdy, healthy specimen with brightly colored leaves and lots of unblown buds. Such a cyclamen will easily endure the move and will delight you with flowering for a long time.

Step 2

Choose a suitable location for the cyclamen. This flower loves bright diffused light and coolness. Place the cyclamen on a window shading it out of direct sunlight. The ideal option is a window facing north or northeast. It is advisable that there are no heating devices nearby. But the flower is not afraid of drafts.

Step 3

Provide a good level of humidity. Ideal if the room will have an air sink or a household humidifier. The plant pot can be placed on a pallet with wet pebbles or damp peat and spray the air around from time to time. Remove dust from leaves with a damp cloth. Water the cyclamen with standing cool water, making sure that the soil in the pot does not dry out. You can also water the flower by immersion, completely lowering the pot in a container of water.

Step 4

During flowering, feed the cyclamen with liquid compound fertilizer. Use a flowering houseplant compound by adding it to your watering water. Remove wilted buds to stimulate flowering.

Step 5

Examine the plant carefully weekly to notice the appearance of pests in time. Most often, the flower is attacked by a cyclamen tick. If you notice leaves with a whitish bloom on the inside, immediately tear them off and stop spraying the plant with water for a while. If you have more than one plant, isolate the affected plant to avoid contaminating the rest.

Step 6

Young cyclamens can be attacked by aphids. If you notice small grayish, brown or orange dots on the shoots, treat them with permitrin-containing preparations, paying particular attention to the tips of the stems, young leaves and buds.

Step 7

When the cyclamen stops blooming, prepare the plant for a dormant period. Stop feeding and reduce watering. Lay the pot on its side and keep it cool until mid-summer. Then transplant the plant into fresh soil, half-buried the tuber. The pot should not be too spacious. Increase watering and expose the cyclamen to bright, diffused light. After a week, you can start feeding and wait for the buds to appear.

Step 8

At the end of the flowering period, seeds can be harvested from the cyclamen. They are sown in early autumn, and after 10-18 months, young plants can bloom. Miniature forms of cyclamens are formed faster.

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