How To Drag A Pool Table

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How To Drag A Pool Table
How To Drag A Pool Table

Video: How To Drag A Pool Table

Video: How To Drag A Pool Table
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In the process of playing billiards, the cloth stretched on the playing table wears out. As a result, scuffs and bald patches form on it, which change the trajectory of the billiard balls during the game. To eliminate this, it is necessary to replace the billiard cloth - pull it over.

How to drag a pool table
How to drag a pool table

It is necessary

new cloth, special lining fabric, glue for gluing fabric and chipboard, hammer, nails, locksmith's level


Step 1

Disassemble the pool table. Remove the nets and pockets, then unscrew the boards to expose the edge of the playing felt. Remove the old cover and backing fabric.

Step 2

Take a close look at the base of the pool table. For simple tables, it is made of a chipboard slab, for more expensive ones, special stone slabs are used. For them, there is a special technique for tightening the billiard table, so it is better to entrust it to specialists.

Step 3

Found damage on the chipboard must be repaired. Use a plumber's level to locate bulges or depressions in the base. They must be removed either with wood mastic or by stripping. The billiard table prepared for hauling must be dried.

Step 4

Apply glue to the chipboard surface. Then glue the lining fabric on top, smoothing out any wrinkles and creases. The resulting air bubbles must be removed from the center to the edge of the table using a plastic spatula. Leave the glued felt to dry completely. Then trim the edges, leveling and folding on all sides.

Step 5

Proceed with the hauling of the sauna. Spread the new cloth over the entire tabletop. Position it so that all overhangs are the same. First, pull the middle of the felt over the short board and fix with nails and a hammer, nailing the felt to the end of the chipboard. Repeat the operation on the other side.

Step 6

Do the same with the long sides of the pool table in the same way. When all the mids are taut, proceed to securing the felt on the pool table over the entire area.