How To Make Earrings

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How To Make Earrings
How To Make Earrings

Video: How To Make Earrings

Video: How To Make Earrings
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DIY items are highly prized. In addition to clothes, albums, postcards, you can also make decorations at home. Try making polymer clay earrings, for example.

How to make earrings
How to make earrings

It is necessary

  • - polymer clay - 3 colors;
  • - accessories for earrings


Step 1

Take polymer clay in three colors. If you want to make earrings for a particular outfit, then choose shades of clay in accordance with the color scheme of your clothes (for example, dark blue, light blue, white). Or you can use universal colors (white, gray, pearl).

Step 2

Cut small pieces from a block of each color of clay. Mash them up. Then make "sausages" and roll them out using a special acrylic rolling pin or, if not available, a regular glass bottle or plastic tube.

Step 3

Now stack the resulting layers of clay on top of each other. Then roll a rolling pin over them several times. After that, twist the folded layers of clay tightly with a tube.

Step 4

Take an old plastic card and make several cuts on the surface of the resulting roll.

Now, using the same plastic card, cut off pieces of the same size from the clay "sausage" - these will be the blanks for future earrings. Flatten each of them and wrap around the beads. Iron everything well. Insert the earring hooks (ear wires).

Step 5

You don't need to use beads to make earrings. It is enough to roll balls from the resulting pieces of clay and insert hooks into them.

You can also give a different shape to the decoration. You can, for example, roll out ready-made colored balls and cut out figures with a metal blade or various lids, tubes, etc. And you can create a pattern on the product using a wooden toothpick.

Step 6

Place the earrings in the oven for 15-20 minutes at the temperature indicated on the package with clay or 110 ° C.

Step 7

When the earrings are ready, coat the pendant with acrylic varnish.