How To Make DIY Glove Dolls

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How To Make DIY Glove Dolls
How To Make DIY Glove Dolls

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Home theater is fun for the whole family. With the help of glove puppets, which are easy for adults and children to control, you can stage famous fairy tales or come up with your own scenarios.

How to make do-it-yourself glove dolls
How to make do-it-yourself glove dolls


Step 1

Decide how you will control the doll. Usually the head of a glove puppet is put on the index finger, the handle is controlled by the thumb. And in the second hand either the middle finger or the little finger is inserted. Unused fingers bend.

Step 2

Make a doll pattern. Place your hand on the paper. Bend your fingers, which will not participate in the control of the doll. Draw the outline of your hand. Make sure that the fingers controlling the doll's hands are pointing slightly upward. If the sleeves are cut out to the sides, they will gather during a theatrical performance. Add four centimeters to the pattern on each side of the wrist and one centimeter at the fingers. The doll's hem should end in the middle of the elbow joint. Cut out paper blanks.

Step 3

Place the pattern on a soft cloth that will be the doll's body and circle. Choose nude fabrics for human dolls. If you are sewing an animal toy, use an appropriately colored fabric or faux fur. Cut out two mirrored pieces. Sew them along the edge, leaving a hole for the index finger. Finish the bottom edge of the product.

Step 4

Make the head of the toy. Sew it from four petal-shaped pieces. Leave a hole at the bottom of the head. Stuff your head tightly with cotton wool. Draw the eyes and mouth of the doll. You can sew buttons or beads in place of the eyes, and embroider the mouth. Sew the woolen hair to the doll's head. To make the hair of a girl doll, cut the threads to the same length and sew each part in the middle. Braid two braids. Sew the head to the body of the toy so that the hole for the index finger matches the hole in the head. Make sure that the doll's face is looking in the right direction.

Step 5

Sew a doll costume - a dress or a caftan. Decorate with beads, ribbons and buttons. Put toys on your body, grab them with threads so that the outfit does not slip during the performance.

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