How To Remove Adhesive From Tape

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How To Remove Adhesive From Tape
How To Remove Adhesive From Tape

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The invention of scotch tape has brought many benefits in all spheres of life - both in everyday life and in professional activity. But after using it, sometimes it becomes necessary to eliminate the consequences - to remove the remnants of glue from glass, furniture and other surfaces. Scotch marks are difficult to clean, but still possible.

How to remove adhesive from tape
How to remove adhesive from tape

It is necessary

  • - cotton pads;
  • - ordinary vegetable oil;
  • - soap or some kind of cleaning agent.


Step 1

Pour some vegetable oil on a cotton pad and rub with this disc the place on the surface where there are sticky traces of adhesive tape. Add more oil if needed or use a new cotton pad. Rub until the surface is smooth to the touch. When the job is done, and there are no traces of the adhesive tape left, remove the remaining oil with a dry cotton pad.

Step 2

Lather the sponge with soap, or better yet, drip some dishwashing detergent. It removes fat much better. Now rinse the surface of the oil. If it is, for example, a toy, then you can wash it immediately under the tap.

Step 3

Then rinse the surface thoroughly to remove any soap or detergent. Wipe with a dry cloth or new cotton pad. The glass must be additionally wiped with a special cleaning agent. But if this is a children's toy with which you remove traces of stickers, but in no case should you use harmful chemicals.

Step 4

In the event that traces of scotch tape remain on the clothes, the oil will not only not help, but rather harm, leaving greasy stains. Here you need to use more effective substances - alcohol or acetone. It is possible with gasoline, but then it will be necessary to get rid of the pungent smell.

Step 5

Remember some rules: acetone will not harm glass, but it is not recommended to wipe plastic and painted surfaces with it. Alcohol is safer, but you shouldn't wipe it on painted surfaces. Also, the choice of product should be based on whether the surface is polished or not. If the finish is not polished, try wiping it off with laundry soap, as alcohol or acetone will leave unattractive stains.

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