How To Decorate A Christmas Tree

How To Decorate A Christmas Tree
How To Decorate A Christmas Tree

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In our country, there is a long tradition of installing a Christmas tree in the house. There are many different options for how to decorate it so that it becomes the center of attention for all the holidays.

How to decorate a Christmas tree
How to decorate a Christmas tree


Step 1

One of the most spectacular decorations on the Christmas tree is the electric garland. But before you hang it on the tree, check if it works. To do this, plug the garland into an outlet and make sure it works. If the bulbs are on, hang them safely on the tree. Otherwise, you will have to buy a new garland or fix the existing one.

Step 2

A festive tree cannot be imagined without Christmas toys. But do not rush to hang them - first check them for defects, and then distribute them into groups depending on their size. To achieve harmony in the appearance of the New Year's tree, hang smaller toys on the top of the tree. Going down, decorate it with larger ones. The location and number of toys also depends on the size of the Christmas tree. If it's small, don't overload it with too many decorations.

Step 3

When hanging toys, alternate them - both in shape and color. Don't let the same toys end up next to each other, even if they are two houses, but in different colors. Moreover, do not hang balls of the same colors next to each other. The even distribution of toys around the tree will be the key to its attractive appearance.

Step 4

Hang Christmas toys in a spiral motion. Due to this, the tree will visually appear larger than its size. And this arrangement of toys will involuntarily make your eyes go from the bottom of the tree to the very top. Place a star, spire or other spectacular decoration of your choice on the top.

Step 5

A good option for those who love originality and have a creative beginning are toys made with their own hands. Make them with the whole family, together with the children. Almost any available means can be used as materials: paper, cotton wool, dough, etc.

Step 6

Hang some sweets on the Christmas tree. Delicious decorations such as sweets, gingerbread and tangerines are the perfect complement to your look.

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