How To Knit Socks On A Knitting Machine

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How To Knit Socks On A Knitting Machine
How To Knit Socks On A Knitting Machine

Video: How To Knit Socks On A Knitting Machine

Video: How To Knit Socks On A Knitting Machine
Video: Simple Sock Knitting on the LK150 knitting machine PART 1 - Short Row Heel and Toe 2023, December

Machine knitting is much faster than hand knitting or crocheting. There are several ways to make socks on a knitting machine. The simplest of these is knitting using two fonts.

How to knit socks on a knitting machine
How to knit socks on a knitting machine

It is necessary

  • - knitting machine;
  • - 100 g of yarn;
  • - a needle with a large eye.


Step 1

Measure the circumference of your leg. Tie the test pattern with the threads you will be knitting with socks, and calculate the knitting density and the number of loops for the set.

Step 2

Make a standard set of buttonholes for knitting 1x1 or 2x2 elastic. For example, to knit a men's sock, you will need 60 needles. Tie 7-10 cm with an elastic band.

Step 3

Move the hinges from the front to the back. Lower the front fountain down. Place the main carriage for the back fabric and stitch about 5 centimeters.

Step 4

Then start tying the heel. Divide the loops into 2 parts (30 loops each) and move one half of the needles to position D, while the carriage side needles should remain in position B. On these loops, knit the heel.

Step 5

Place the carriage lever in I (partial knit) mode. Work the first row by running the carriage from right to left if you are knitting a sock for the right leg, or from left to right if you are knitting for the left.

Step 6

Pass the thread under the outermost needle and pull it between the first and second needles to prevent holes when knitting the heel. Do this step at the end of each row you knit.

Step 7

Divide the number of stitches for knitting heel by 3 (10 needles). To form the heel, you will need to shorten the needles of the extreme parts on the side opposite from the carriage, pushing them to position D, and do not shorten the middle 10 needles.

Step 8

Repeat until only the middle 10 needles remain in position B. Next, return the extended needles to position B (one on the opposite side). Repeat step until all 30 heel knitting needles are back.

Step 9

When you knit the heel, return the set half of the stitches to work. To do this, move the partial knit lever to position II. Knit all loops to the required length (up to the little finger).

Step 10

Start knitting a toe. Knit in the same way as for the heel (steps 4-8). Drop knitting from needles.

Step 11

Sew the top of the toe and toe, and sew the side seam with a chinstrap stitch. The sock is ready.