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How To Ski
How To Ski

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For amateur skiers, this type of "transport" is more of an entertainment than a sport. Therefore, they are not very attentive to the methods of skiing, not bothering to study all the subtleties. But even three simple "moves", honed in accordance with the rules, will allow you to ski much faster and with less effort than usual.

How to ski
How to ski


Step 1

The simplest move that everyone has used at least once in their life is the alternating two-step one. The movements here repeat the movements of the arms and legs during normal walking at a fast pace, when the opposite arm and leg are brought forward. Pushing off with your right leg and left hand, gently push your left leg forward, gradually transferring the weight of the body to it. Bring your right hand forward, while the right leg also begins to move forward (after the push, it is slightly bent at the knee). The right stick is stuck into the snow, and the same leg with the entire surface of the ski is in contact with the ski track and begins to slide forward. The body weight is distributed approximately equally at both anchor points. After pushing off, the left hand moves forward, and the right one makes a push. When the repulsion process with the right hand is completed, the left leg begins. With a certain workout, you will be able to develop speed so that after each push you will slide at least two meters.

Step 2

The body moves according to a similar principle with a four-step alternating stroke. The difference is that after two steps and push-offs, two steps are taken without the aid of sticks. At the same time, you should not swing the sticks too much, throw them to the sides or drag them through the snow - all this will slow down the running speed.

Step 3

Even greater speed can be developed if you learn to move simultaneously in two steps. This is achieved by increasing the repulsion force with both hands at once. Moving by inertia on slightly bent legs and with the body slightly tilted forward, transfer the body weight to the left leg. At the same time, bring the ski poles forward. Extend your right leg forward and, pushing off with your left, slide on it. Push off with your right foot and stick the sticks out in front of you into the snow (they will be at an angle of about 50 degrees towards you). When the kick is complete, the poles will be perpendicular to the track and at an acute angle forward. At this point, you need to start pushing off with your hands. At this time, sliding occurs on the left leg. When the push with the sticks is completed, the right leg is placed on the left and you drive 3-5 meters by inertia. Then the whole cycle repeats, but this time you should start on the other leg.

Step 4

Running speed is influenced not only by the strength of the arms and legs, but also by the correct breathing of the skier. Repulsion and simultaneous light squatting should occur on exhalation, and straightening - on inhalation.

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