How To Draw A Tank Step By Step

How To Draw A Tank Step By Step
How To Draw A Tank Step By Step

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The tank is one of the combat units in the modern army of most countries. If you are just learning to draw, then it will be difficult to realistically depict such a technique. But you can try to draw a tank in stages.

How to draw a tank step by step
How to draw a tank step by step


Step 1

Lay the landscape sheet horizontally and draw 4 vertical and 1 horizontal lines. The result should be 8 squares. A similar technique will facilitate the drawing process. It is recommended to draw lines with a slight pressure, since at the end they will need to be erased.

Step 2

Draw the main outline of the vehicle body and tracks. Since you want to draw a tank in stages, you can depict the base with small geometric shapes (squares, rectangles, trapezoids, etc.). Mark several segments on the track blank, in which the wheels of the tank will be located.

Step 3

Above the hull, draw the turret of the tank and the gun. The first part can be drawn as a rectangle with a smaller back and a convex front. To depict the weapon, draw two parallel lines and connect them with a small oval.

Step 4

Draw the wheels of the tank. Remember perspective. Those wheels that are located closer to the frontal part of the vehicle should be larger than the rear wheels. On the front of the tank, depict loopholes through which the pilots could see the battlefield. A fuel tank was usually located next to the tower. Don't forget to draw it too.

Step 5

Draw a clear contour, erase auxiliary lines. Draw additional details that will make the tank more realistic (steps, hull, ground, bullet marks, etc.).

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