How To Draw A Goblin

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How To Draw A Goblin
How To Draw A Goblin

Video: How To Draw A Goblin

Video: How To Draw A Goblin
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Goblins are characters in Celtic mythology who have become popular in our time thanks to the works of J. R. R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit". Depicting these fabulous creatures, the artist can give full free rein to his imagination.

How to draw a goblin
How to draw a goblin

It is necessary

  • - paper;
  • - a simple pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - black marker;
  • - colored pencils, markers or paints.


Step 1

Begin your drawing by drawing construction lines with a simple pencil, which will outline the outlines of the goblin's figure. Draw a circle to represent the head. Drag down a line to mark the growth of the creature. Remember that the proportions of a goblin must be very different from that of a human. You can, for example, lengthen your torso, shorten your legs, or make a very short, almost invisible neck.

Step 2

Mark the location of the facial features. The eyes can be depicted wide apart, the nose small with twisted nostrils like a monkey, and the mouth bared in a fierce grin. You can also outline forehead wrinkles and pointed ears on the sides of your head.

Step 3

Draw the hands and feet. Decide on the volume and shape of your legs and arms. Draw the muscles for the shoulders and hips. You can also think about what your goblin will wear. Since these creatures in fantasy worlds are usually at a rather primitive stage of development, the entire goblin costume can consist of a single loincloth.

Step 4

Add details. Draw a necklace of fangs and feathers around the goblin's neck. You can also decorate your character with leather bracelets on the wrists and ankles. Think about what weapon your character is armed with. Usually in fantasy literature and computer games, goblins use spears and short curved swords in combat, but you can give your character a staff or a long sword.

Step 5

Sharpen the head and body of the goblin. Add curved, sharp nails on the fingers that look more like claws. At this stage, if you wish, you can designate the world surrounding your character in a few strokes. You can, for example, depict rocks in the background, and bushes in the foreground.

Step 6

Trace the outline of the drawing with a black marker. Wait until the marker is completely dry and use the eraser to erase any excess pencil lines.

Step 7

Color in the goblin drawing with crayons, felt-tip pens, or paints. Usually goblins from movies and computer games have a greenish-brown skin color, but you can easily make your character blue or red skin.